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  1. Q68adi analogue card

    No issue you have to connect +24vdc And -24VDC to Q68ADI card. Supply required only for Analog card energies. Note that one thing only in hole circuit only 1 SMPS have to use. i.e., make sure +/- 24vdc from 1 power supply.
  2. Addressing for I/O on CC-Link master

    Hi, If their are spare area vacant in between module station to other station. For example station no 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in use and then 11,12,13,14,15 n so on... Then via using dip switch you have to set station no. 8,9 and 10. If all location filled then increase total no. of station counting let suppose now 33 station then you have to change 35. (33+2). For addressing set total no. of station in parameter setting after check parameter. if their is no error. then check X/Y ack. in CC-link parameter. Scroll down you seen after X/Y 80 you shown some entry filled. And finally last 2 channel station no. 34 & 35 station IO addressing.
  3. FX2N-232IF module programming

    Hi All, I want to connect 3 nos. Barcode scanner with FX-3U PLC, So I am using 232BD card, 232-ADP card and 232-IF card. I need help for FX2N-232IF card programming for Motorola Barcode scanner. I am already done programming with 232-BD & 232-APD card using RS Instruction. But in 232-IF card TO/FROM instruction required. Anyone have FX2N-232IF Card program sample so please send me. My mail id:-
  4. Fx3U-128

    Anyone help me to send a copy of sample program for FX3u PLC + FX-2n-232if card programming (I want to connect Motorola Barcode scanner with Fx2n-232if ) My Mail id:-