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  1. Hello, Im trying to configure a CANOpen master klemme (EL6751) to communicate with a device (Jetter JXM-IO-E09-G07-K00) in the System Manager, I have several problems, and the communication doesn't work, I explain what i did step by step. First of all the JXM works perfectly with a jetter controller, and i have traced the messages, therefore i could understand that the controller in this case sends constantly RTR request for each object and the JXM replies without any problem. I also tested some SDO commands, and seemed to work This time i need to work with a CX8090 Controller attached to a EL6751, that's why I need to configure this now. - After scanning the devices connected, and having the EL6751 recognized, i attempted to add the CanOpen slave also scanning. The process cannot find any CanOpen Device online. - I add the CanOpen device with "Append Box" and I use the EDS file provided by the supplier and the result is not good. Some SDO read/write failed. So i decide to add the device manually. - I use again the "append Box" option, and configure manually the ID, every TXPDO and RXPDO and Parameters NOTE: My CANopen device send constantly a heartbeat and the values only under request => Trans. Type for every PDO: 253. For this I set manually the inhibit and event times. - I uncheck "Automatic adjust PDO COB Ids" and "Automatic PDO Parameter Download". Also, under advanced configuration i disable the object 0x1000 and 0x1006, since the reply never matched to expected values. After doing all this configurations, and activate them, my CanOpen bus stops responding. the LED Code is - Run Led: blink 2 hz - Err led: ON - The system manager is showing much more errors which i show attached in a file. I also include the sys manager file and the EDS file from the supplier Any hint would be of great help JXM-IO-E09_HCN_V0_4.eds.txt