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  1. I am using MS Visual Studio Community 2017 (free) SQLite (free) AdvancedHMI’s HMI package (free) This allows me to use Visual Basic to connect to all types of PLC’s and Interments. I have not found anything that I could not connect to yet. The Allen Bradley Drives are faster than RS-Links drivers. I have 12 machines, 4 Robots, 2 injection molding machines, many servo’s and VFD’s. I use SQLite to keep sets of parameters and last data on the machines. All production data is sent to the main SQL Sever DB. We scan serial numbers and validate them to the main data base before each part can run on that station. This system is faster than any of the SCADA packages I have used in the past. And the best part is that it’s free with no limits. You can make any PC a back up HMI for any machine.   All it takes is a little learning. Here is the list of drivers:
  2. P2-550 to Keyence Scanner

    We just added a Keyence Hand Scanner to a P2-550 via Ethernet/IP the Keyence N-L20 was picked as the interface. The Generic Client was set up in the P2, as an Implicit Message and using UDP. It works well and is a good way to keep the com ports open for other devices. Two rungs in the ladder decode the message back to the scanned string. p2-550 scanner.docx