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  1. Hi All We have a project wherein we have 9 energy meters capable on communicating with Modbus RTU ( Rs-485) and we need to take Instantaneous values of both Active power (P) and reactive power (Q) from each meter into a PLC and then add the active power for all the 9 meters and store it in a register say X and add the reactive power of all the 9 meters and store it in a register say Y and then pass on these values of X &Y on to a third party data logger on Modbus TCP/IP. I need to do all this under 100 ms.The max distance between the meters is 200 mts and the PLC i plan to use is Schneider and meters we have PAC 3100 with RS-485 modbus.My query is that for getting the required data under 100 ms how can I calculate the network speed? Is there a formula? Thanks prasad