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  1. The alternative solution would be using a ICP DAS USA TPD series Touchpads. Some of the TPDs support Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU at the same time. While the Modbus TCP is being used for the Modbus, the RTU side can be used with a converter. I also found the converter at the below link. http://www.chipkin.com/solutions/?dfrom=Modbus+RTU&dto=Omron+FINS And also ICP DAS USA, TPD series TouchPads: http://www.icpdas-usa.com/touchpad_controller.html?r=Kaan
  2. Best PLCs for education?

    Hi EET, I can also suggest you to use a ISaGRAF based PLC since the ISaGRAF has been acquired by Rockwell. ISaGRAF uses the standard IEC61131 control languages. At this point, ICP DAS USA offers powerful and robust I-8xx7 series ISaGRAF programmable PLCs. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/i_8xx7.html?r=kaan
  3. AI and DO Data Acquisition Unit

    Hi Omar, What is the DO type?(Sink, source or relay) How many tags will be used in the SCADA? ICP DAS USA has a free SCADA software which is called EZ Data Logger. You can check it out from the link: http://www.icpdas-usa.com/advanced_ez_data_logger.html?r=kaan But, the free version requires one ICP DAS DAS product is connected to the SCADA. Here is a PET-7017 8 channel AI and 4 channel DO. It communicates over Modbus TCP and supports PoE. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/pet_7017.html?r=kaan I hope, this helps. Thank you,
  4. level of silo HMI

    Hi Robert, I have used ICP DAS USA product in the past for same purpose. They have some TouchPads also used as a PLC which is built in. You can check the link: http://www.icpdas-usa.com/touch_pad_controller.html?page=2 Thank you,
  5. Hi Wal, Yes, the different brands usually support various programming languages. I guess this makes the applications easy built and more efficient, because as we know that some functions might not be supported by the ladder languages. You can find some PLC types and the supported programming languages in the ICP DAS USA. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/advancedsearch.html#shopbyprogramminglanguage?r=Kaan Thank you,
  6. Good converter from RS-232 to USB

    Hi Samsonn, If you are using the converter on Windows 7 or Windows 8 - 8.1 machine, I suggest you to use ICP DAS USA I-7561U. You can check out ICP DAS USA, I-7561 or I-7561U Serial to USB Converters. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/i_7561.html?r=Kaan Thank you,
  7. Modbus

    Hi Tahir, In order to read or write any value on Modbus, you should know the register numbers. In addition to register number, you should also know function codes. I guess, you can find some helpful information at the link: http://www.icpdas-usa.com/modbuswebtraining.php?r=kaan
  8. Micrologix 1400 Modbus TCP/Ip communication

    Hi Raduvalas, I guess, there should be ethernet to modbus TCP protocol conversion. I am not sure if your PLC can make this conversion, however, you can also consider using a Ethernet to Modbus TCP converter which GW-7473 is an ICP DAS USA product. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/gw_7473.html?r=Kaan Thank you.
  9. Modbus Slave

    Hi Nibroc, GW-7473 is helpful for the data exchange Modbus to Ethernet/IP.You can check it out. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/gw_7473.html?r=Kaan Thank you,
  10. Hi Arun, In some cases you cannot but here is a ICP DAS USA solution; xp_8149_atom_ce6 can act like master/slave depends on your configuration though. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/xp_8149_atom_ce6.html?r=Kaan Thank you,
  11. Modbus TCP client for windows

    Hi, ICP DAS USA provides a free Modbus RTU/TCP scada software which is EZ Data Logger. But, the systems requires at least one ICP DAS product connected to system. It is really powerful and straightforward. You can check it out frok the below link. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/advanced_ez_data_logger.html?r=Kaan
  12. PLC web server hardware

    Hi ToHe, What are your PLC requirements? How many inputs and outputs should PLC have? What will your programming language be? Here are some of our PLC and PAC products. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/programmable_automation_controllers.html?r=Kaan http://www.icpdas-usa.com/embedded_controllers_plc_controllers.html?r=Kaan
  13. PLC Programming with C++ or C#

    Hi Mohsen, ICP DAS USA provides some solutions for different programming languages beside ladder diagram. You can check the different programming languages from the below link. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/advancedsearch.html#shopbyprogramminglanguage?r=Kaan If you have any question, please feel free to call us. +1 310 517 9888
  14. PLC and GSM Module

    Hi PriSim, I can suggest you to check the ICP DAS USA 's web site. You can type in the search box, PLC Controller and Embedded Controller, GMS modules to find best system configuration for you. http://www.icpdas-usa.com/embedded_controllers_plc_controllers.html http://www.icpdas-usa.com/search-result.php?searchproduct=gsm+modem Or you can contact me anytime. kaank@icpdas-usa.com
  15. Another ModBus Question

    Hi Scada Tom, Most of our AB PLC customers are using the ICP DAS USA' s GW-7472 EtherNet / IP to Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP Gateway. The master side and slave side is also important for this gateways, I suggest you to check the website and you can find appropriate gateway for your application. Here is the link for GW-7472 : http://www.icpdas-usa.com/gw_7472.html?r=Kaan