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  2. Not sure where to post this. Does anyone here know how to monitor the analog inputs on a C200H-AD003 using the hand-held console PR001? I think there are enable bits that need to be set but I do not know the key steps to get there. The module is in slot zero. The CPU is a 200H (don't have the full PN with me) The IR is 100 and the DM is 1000. (At least that's what the book says) I really want to learn how to do this with the console. I know we can use CX Programmer but the console is quicker for our purposes. Any help will be appreciated. Regards, ctg  
  3. The read block starts with N11:0. The write block starts with N11:64. When I configured the module in the slot, it entered 128 words. I'll look tomorrow for the length. The SDN is series 'C' with a revision of 6.004. I installed the TRs but it did not make a difference. It's almost like the pass-thru driver is incorrect. (1771SDNPT).   Regards, ctg
  4. Hello, I have a 1771SDN that, no matter what I try, Will not go into 'Run'. I've tried three different SDN modules and they all do the same thing. I have a PLC5/40E in a rack with single-slot addressing. In slot one, I have the SDN. DeviceNet is connected to only Channel 1. The end device is a 1791D 8-In, 8-Out, module. I'm running a KFD module to COM1 on the PC running XP. I'm running Ethernet on the PLC5 through an AUI port Channel 2. All drivers are loaded including the pass-thru. I know how to do this. Or at least I thought I did. The SDN is station 1, The 179D is station 2 and the KFD is station 62. The block transfer write Data word zero is N11:64. The Read block transfer word zero is N11:0. The blocks are functioning normally when the PLC is placed in run. I'm getting code 80 on the SDN. Even so, I should be seeing the inputs of the 1791D regardless of IDLE mode. Setting a '1' in the command register N11:64/0 does nothing to the SDN.  All devices are online in NetWorx.  The one thing I don't have is a 120 ohm resistor at each end of the link. The setup is just a test so the DeviceNet cable is only about 2-ft in length from the PLC to the KFD. The 1791D is on the same cable. I can turn the outputs on in NetWorx okay. Any help would be appreciated. Please ask any questions. I've been trying for two day to get the SDN to run. I'm sure it's simple and I just can't see it.   Best regards, ctg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  5. I found a bit in the PLC5 status file. When I pull the RIO cable it changes to a '1'. However, I cannot figure how to get a numeric display to work. For a test, I created a bit tag in the Panelview 600 called Bit_Test and assigned B3:0/0. After finishing the configuration, I configured the Block Transfer full rack, starting group 0,1, etc. I've done this before a few times. However, after downloading, I cannot get the display to show the bit status. All I get is a few of these:******. What am I missing? RIO comms is good and I've done this before on other PVs. I'm not sure I understand the Block Transfer requirements in the Panelview. I thought that I could just use a discrete address to display a bit on the PV screen without Block Transfer. Still, I configured the BT in the PV and entered B3:0 in line 1 with a length of 16. However, the tag only validated when 'READ' is selected as part of the BT configuration. If you're confused, so am I. Basically, I'm trying to do discrete numeric display on a test screen and I would like to learn how to do the BT for integer display on the screen so I can display the date and time using the PLC status registers. How do set up Block Transfer in the PLC without an analog module in the slot? When I try it without a module, I get BT errors. Any help appreciated. Regards, ctg
  6. Hi Ken It's not a PV Plus if that's what you mean. Just a regular PV600 model # 2711K6C1. Can you configure BTR and BTW in a PLC5 without a module in the rack and still not get BT errors? I've never been able to do that since I add a module using the templates. Regards, ctg
  7. I would like to monitor a Panelview 600 RIO Comms to see if we have intermittant dropouts. What's the best way to do this? I have access to a PLC5, SLC or 1756 CPU. I would prefer the PLC5. Is there a way to do Block Transfer in a PLC5 without having a module in the slot and still talk to a PV? Regards, ctg