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  1. Omron IA221 input cards

    I checked to see if there was power going to the I/O cards. There is 120vac going to the first input card but nothing into the second or the output card.
  2. Omron IA221 input cards

    This is the omron s6 I am referring to and I have not tried forcing the output yet however when I push the flipper/pusher button a light comes on on the output card. They are not air actuated they have a 120VAC solenoid that triggers the clutches. I got someone to push the button while i tested the connections going into the solenoids and got no power. I know the input cards used to have lights before the wires were crossed, they no longer have lights. I know on other stackers if the plc doesn't get the signal from the photoeye that counts the books the flippers will not fire even when manually pushing the button. The run light is on on the PLC when powered up even when not running. I also noticed that the stop light doesn't come on even when a mushroom stop button is down. I don't know if this is supposed to be on or not. I also ordered two input cards(more cost effective than soldering 20 new capacitors and diodes into each card)
  3. Omron IA221 input cards

    It is 120 and It is very likely it was powered up while the wires were out. Would everything else function normally had this occured? Right now everything functions except the flippers and pusher. Also there are no wires hooked up to the ground on the power supply. Just L1 and L2 120 VAC and 24 VDC out + and -.
  4. Omron IA221 input cards

    Hi all, I recently got an old rima rs-12 counter stacker working. It was out in the plant working flawlessly until apparently the wires going into the power supply magically ripped themselves out. The operated hooked the wires up again but mixed them up(both black). When he powered up it instantly tripped a breaker inside the machine. He switched them and turned it back on to find that the flippers and pusher no longer work. The two omron IA221 input cards that control the flippers and pusher no longer have lights on them and I have found multiple open and short capacitors on the cards. The cards are 110VAC and I'm thinking the reversed polarity shouldn't have affected the cards, perhaps there is a greater problem I need to resolve before repairing and installing the cards. Could this have damaged the PLC itself? Any information will be greatly appreciated. I know it isn't really a PLC problem(or maybe it is.)
  5. Education

    Hi all, I have recently started an apprenticeship working for a bookbindery in the Toronto area. I work as an industrial mechanic and am beginning to get involved in troubleshooting and repairing electronic components. I'm fine with basic NEC drawings and basic wiring. However when it comes to more complex issues like circuit boards, plc's and the million other electronic components of our machinery I don't even know where to begin. I'm looking into some part-time education that I can either do on my own or at a school around my work schedule. Any information about productive courses and other education in the field would be great. How did you guys get to where you are? Cheers
  6. sysmac s6 dinosaur

    Hi thanks for the response. The programming console is actually built into the design of the stacker. I have reprogrammed the stacker many times, it will work for a short period of time and then lose its program. The battery reads 3.45 volts, maybe it's not quite enough and thats why I constantly get the battery failure fault? I will try a new battery, i found one for 52 usd. Can I just leave the EPROM module and run that way? the battery fault goes away while programming with the EPROM.
  7. sysmac s6 dinosaur

    Hi all, I have a RIMA rs-12 counter stacker from the midieval times. It has a s6 plc. I have reprogrammed it using the EPROM module. I then installed the battery module. I got the battery failure fault and the stacker will not run. However my multimeter reads 3.45 volts on the battery. Any ideas on where to go from here will be much appreciated. Thanks