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  1. Hi, guys, how are you? We had one PowerFlex 70 (20A E 2P7 A 1 AYYNNN  Ser A) with HIM (20-HIM-A1  SERIES A). They worked well. Today that PowerFlex 70 was defective, so we installed a new one (20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO  Ser A). We do not change the HIM, because we tested it on another PF 70 and it’s functional. But after we put the HIM (20-HIM-A1  SERIES A) on new PowerFlex 70 (20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO  Ser A). That HIM is blind/no display after powered up. Could you give us a help to figure out what the problem is? Thanks. 
  2. Hi, guys, how are you?   We want to build the communication between SIMOTION D435-2 and main controller AB 1756-L72S   Could you tell us which communication device/card we should buy and install?   Thanks.
  3. RSlogix 5000, odd or even?

    Hi, guys, how’s going?   In RSlogix 5000, if the integer in tag “number” (DINT) is odd, then the output “ODD.1” is ON. How can we program it?   Thanks a lot.
  4. RSlogix 5000, odd or even?

    Amazing! Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi, folks. Plz check the attachment. On line 71, there is “GO” command.   Could you tell me what its meaning and function is?   Thanks a lot.
  6.   Hi, folks, how’s going?   Could you give a hand to program this logic: in Logix5000, there are 6 bits “testbit.0”, “testbit.1” ……”testbit.5”.   If any two of them are ON at the same time, the bit “testbit.10” will be ON.   How can we program it? I edited 7 rungs to make it, but it does not look like the best way.   Thanks a lot.
  7. How to lock/freeze fanuc robot teach pendent?

    Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi, folks, how are you?       Is there some way to lock/freeze fanuc robot teach pendent? Since some of our operators jumped program lines with teach pendent to keep the robot going, we got a few quality issues.       So we want to lock up teach pendent that nobody can jump the line, unless we have the key or password.       Thanks a lot.  
  9.   Thanks, guys.   What I did today: 1, inhibited slot[3] module, then enabled 1734-AENTR, still the same fault; 2, installed a 1734-IB8 module in slot[3], still the same fault. 3, I found “Chassis Size” was 1, so I changed it to 6. After downloading, every indicator works well except Network Status indicator kept flashing green. 4, since I put a new Ethernet cable on, everything is functional.   Thanks again.
  10. Hi, folks, how are you?   There is a production line with AB 1756-L72S controller. Point Bus Status of one 1734-AENTR module is flashing red, Module Status and Network Status are flashing green.   What I found is the hardware configuration is incorrect in Studio 5000 Logix Designer.   Plz check attachments for more details.   So can I modify the hardware configuration, then download to the controller? Because the controller is AB 1756-L72S GuardLogix5570 Safety Controller and there are a few safety I/O modules on the line, do we need password or something to complete downloading?   Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi, folks.   I currently have FactoryTalk View Studio Release Number: 8.20.00.   How can I upgrade to 10.0? Do I need to download and install all of them (the attachment)?   Thanks a lot.
  12. Hi, guys, how’s going?   I added one “Trend Object” on screen A in PanelView Plus 1500. Then configured “Refresh Rate”, “Buffer” ……and set up X-Axis time span to 3 Hours.   Now the issue is: if HMI stays on screen A, the trend runs well.   But after 36 minutes (around), as long as I switch to another screen, then change back to screen A. The trend always goes back to 36 minutes (around) point, then starts to trend from that point/time.   Could you help me figure it out?   Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi, guys!   In Logix5000, can we consume and produce the tags between two controllers which are Not in the same rack, but are both working under our factory network, such as IP and IP   Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi, guys, how’s going?   We have an AB controller Logix5572S with safety functions. We suspect one safety output card (1734-OB8S) is defective.   Could you give us a help to how to replace a safety output card? We have not taken related training yet. It’s a little bit tough.   Thanks a lot.  
  15. Hi, guys.   I get an old AB PanelView 1000 (2711-T10C15, SER: D) from somewhere. But there is a password to stop me accessing to configuration screen, even I pressed the white spot in right-down corner.   Could you tell me how to restore AB PanelView 1000 to factory setting?   Thanks a lot.
  16. Hi, guys, how’s going?   Two weeks ago, after a power outage, Logix5561 lost the program, so we had to download the program to the controller.   Then we installed a new battery (which we bought 2 years ago). But the same issue still happened after a power flicker yesterday.   We checked the battery with multi-meter, it looks like OK, cuz there’s 3.2V on it.   Could somebody give us a hand to fix it?   Thanks a lot.
  17. Hi, guys, how’s going?   If we want to configure a Logix5000 Message, then send it from controller AA to controller BB, should we add controller AA on controller BB I/O Configuration? Or we just need to set up the communication path properly (attachment 2)?   Because as attachment 1, in CUT project, we can read the message which comes from controller RAIL properly, even there is an exclamation point (!) on controller RAIL in CUT project I/O Configuration.   Thanks a lot.
  18. Thanks a lot, buddy.   Could you tell me more details about how to do it? I cannot figure it out.   Thanks again.
  19. Hi, folks, how’s going?   On our one production line, we use AB logix5000 as master PLC and Fanuc robs as slaves.   There is ControlNet fault with code 16#0022 and 16#0203 between Logix5000 PLC and one Fanuc rob today   From Logix5000, we can see the status of rob Controlnet keep doing “IO faulted, waiting, connecting, shutting down, standby, IO faulted, waiting…”   We checked the rob I/O connection, it was dirty and loose. We cleaned and tied it up. But still the same issue.   Could somebody give us a help to figure it out?   Thanx a lot.
  20. Can we monitor/watch the status of safety tags in SafetyTask rung? Or the status of safety tags are freezed?   Thanks a lot.
  21. Learn AB safety PLC?

    Hi, guys, how’s going?   Our company gets new production lines with AB safety PLC.   Could somebody tell us where we can find manuals, videos… to learn about it?   I did not touch it before.   Such as attachments, it showed us “Safety Unlocked”, but we still could not edit “Safety Task”.   Thanks a lot.
  22. Hi, guys, how’s going?   We have one new version Panelview Plus 1500 (2711P-RDT15C) and I tried to access to Configuration Mode to set up its IP address. There are “Reset” and “Default” switches on its back.   After “Reset” switch was pressed, I pressed and hold the white spot on left-down corner as what I did before, but I did not get Configuration Mode.   So I pressed ““Default”, then there were 3 options showing up, e.g. …continue with…; …safe mode…   Could you tell me how to access to Configuration Mode in this new version Panelview Plus 1500?   Thanks a lot.
  23. Hi, guys, how’s going?   How to transfer applications from Panelview Plus to PC, then configure it via Factorytalk View ME?   There are 4 applications on our Panelview Plus 1500. I want to configure one of them, e.g. add new buttons, and then transfer them back to Panelview Plus 1500.   Thanks a lot
  24. Hi, guys, how’s going?   We made a very simple logic in Logix5000 and turned on one output from Relay output module (1769-OW16) WITHOUT the load.   But the issue was that the indicator of that output was blinking and its relay was closed, open, closed, open….   It looks like we cannot energize Relay output without the load, right? Thanks a lot.
  25. How to replace PowerFlex 70?

    Hi, guys, how’s going?   I have some questions about replacing PowerFlex 70:   1, how to put original parameters to the new one? Install original HMI on the new drive?   2, how to take out the HMI and the cover from the drive? They are so tight, even  after I took the screw out.   Thanks a lot.