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  1. Hi, guys, how are you?   We want to build the communication between SIMOTION D435-2 and main controller AB 1756-L72S   Could you tell us which communication device/card we should buy and install?   Thanks.
  2. Hi, guys, how are you? We had one PowerFlex 70 (20A E 2P7 A 1 AYYNNN  Ser A) with HIM (20-HIM-A1  SERIES A). They worked well. Today that PowerFlex 70 was defective, so we installed a new one (20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO  Ser A). We do not change the HIM, because we tested it on another PF 70 and it’s functional. But after we put the HIM (20-HIM-A1  SERIES A) on new PowerFlex 70 (20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO  Ser A). That HIM is blind/no display after powered up. Could you give us a help to figure out what the problem is? Thanks. 
  3. RSlogix 5000, odd or even?

    Amazing! Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, guys, how’s going?   In RSlogix 5000, if the integer in tag “number” (DINT) is odd, then the output “ODD.1” is ON. How can we program it?   Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi, folks. Plz check the attachment. On line 71, there is “GO” command.   Could you tell me what its meaning and function is?   Thanks a lot.
  6. How to lock/freeze fanuc robot teach pendent?

    Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi, folks, how are you?       Is there some way to lock/freeze fanuc robot teach pendent? Since some of our operators jumped program lines with teach pendent to keep the robot going, we got a few quality issues.       So we want to lock up teach pendent that nobody can jump the line, unless we have the key or password.       Thanks a lot.  
  8.   Thanks, guys.   What I did today: 1, inhibited slot[3] module, then enabled 1734-AENTR, still the same fault; 2, installed a 1734-IB8 module in slot[3], still the same fault. 3, I found “Chassis Size” was 1, so I changed it to 6. After downloading, every indicator works well except Network Status indicator kept flashing green. 4, since I put a new Ethernet cable on, everything is functional.   Thanks again.
  9. Hi, folks, how are you?   There is a production line with AB 1756-L72S controller. Point Bus Status of one 1734-AENTR module is flashing red, Module Status and Network Status are flashing green.   What I found is the hardware configuration is incorrect in Studio 5000 Logix Designer.   Plz check attachments for more details.   So can I modify the hardware configuration, then download to the controller? Because the controller is AB 1756-L72S GuardLogix5570 Safety Controller and there are a few safety I/O modules on the line, do we need password or something to complete downloading?   Thanks a lot.
  10.   Hi, folks, how’s going?   Could you give a hand to program this logic: in Logix5000, there are 6 bits “testbit.0”, “testbit.1” ……”testbit.5”.   If any two of them are ON at the same time, the bit “testbit.10” will be ON.   How can we program it? I edited 7 rungs to make it, but it does not look like the best way.   Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi, folks.   I currently have FactoryTalk View Studio Release Number: 8.20.00.   How can I upgrade to 10.0? Do I need to download and install all of them (the attachment)?   Thanks a lot.
  12. Hi, guys, how’s going?   I added one “Trend Object” on screen A in PanelView Plus 1500. Then configured “Refresh Rate”, “Buffer” ……and set up X-Axis time span to 3 Hours.   Now the issue is: if HMI stays on screen A, the trend runs well.   But after 36 minutes (around), as long as I switch to another screen, then change back to screen A. The trend always goes back to 36 minutes (around) point, then starts to trend from that point/time.   Could you help me figure it out?   Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi, guys, how’s going?   We have an AB controller Logix5572S with safety functions. We suspect one safety output card (1734-OB8S) is defective.   Could you give us a help to how to replace a safety output card? We have not taken related training yet. It’s a little bit tough.   Thanks a lot.  
  14. Hi, guys.   I get an old AB PanelView 1000 (2711-T10C15, SER: D) from somewhere. But there is a password to stop me accessing to configuration screen, even I pressed the white spot in right-down corner.   Could you tell me how to restore AB PanelView 1000 to factory setting?   Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi, guys, how’s going?   Two weeks ago, after a power outage, Logix5561 lost the program, so we had to download the program to the controller.   Then we installed a new battery (which we bought 2 years ago). But the same issue still happened after a power flicker yesterday.   We checked the battery with multi-meter, it looks like OK, cuz there’s 3.2V on it.   Could somebody give us a hand to fix it?   Thanks a lot.