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  1. We're running KEPServerEx 4.5 with the AB drivers to interface with a Siemens WinCC HMI. All we've done is change the L61 processor with an L72 and then KEP shows the incorrect values for the tags. We stick the L61 back in and all is okay. The Device properties haven't changed as the L72 is part of the ControlLogix 5500 family. The IP address is the same as well as the project name, etc. I've checked the properties against the KEP manual and all is okay. The manuals I have don't mention editing a device in KEPServerEx. I feel we've missed something. :hmmm: Any thoughts?
  2. Upgrading L6 Series to L7 ControlLogix

    Thanks for the info, guys. We're using Asset Centre so we're fully backed up as it carries out checks on a daily basis. The comms cards we have are ENBT/A and ENET/A. I'll keep a copy of the original code seperate just in case. Luckily we don't have any motion controls sp I don't have to worry there.
  3. We have L61's and L63's and are looking at upgrading them to the L7 equivalent. Has anyone had any experience of this and any pitfalls to avoid? Tech support have said that there might be issues with the comms cards resolved by updating their firmware. Is the upgrade that simple? We currently use Logix5000 at version 20.01 but are preparing to go to Studio5000 as part of the upgrade.
  4. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    Fantastic Pop. I'll have a look at getting it into ControlLogix. Thanks very much for your help.
  5. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    Thaks, Pop for your input. We've asked an integrator for costs but in the mean time I thought I'd give it a crack. Since I posted I've gone through and sense checked all the timers. Most of the conversion is done, its just these multiple nests are proving more challenging. The timer values will be added later once I'm happy with the code. The manuals I've gone through talk about single instruction which has helped with comparators, etc but I get stuck with these nests
  6. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    Next challenge My attempt at multiple nests...
  7. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    Am I right in assuming that netwroks 3 to 5 would require a reset similar to a flip flop?
  8. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    Here's another attempt at the pictures...  
  9. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    I'm not very good with STL, etc hence the next question... I have this in S5: does it equate to this in ladder:   Whats the difference between a '=' and 'S'? Do we use =  for coils/RLO and S for bits/flags?  
  10. Siemens S5 to Controllogix conversion

    Not what I thought it was. Cheers, Pop
  11. I'm in the process of converting an old Siemens S5 project (with no comments!) to ControlLogix. My first question is in the S5 there is the odd instruction with a '#' in it: - -] [ - - - - (#) - - - - ] [ - - - - -(F00.1) In old logix the # means a file, what does it mean in Siemens speak?   My next question, I have the rockwell document for structured text and also for converting S5 to logx, is there any other resource that would help me understand Siemens structured text?   As I chip away at the project I'll be posting more questions. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Node Address

    I'm in the process of mapping every message on our plant in preparation for a PLC5/40E migration to 1756-L7's. The reporting tool has proved very useful for info on the channel config, MSG details, etc but unfortunately the same can't be said for CLX 5000 (we don't have the function to select MSG, for example)! We've found a mixture of setups for messages, they're either using the IP Address of the target or a Node address (Oct / Dec). The problem I have is 2 fold fold: 1. One messge goes to Node 22. The rung comment states the PLC it goes to which is a 1756-L63 machine. I can't find a reference to the Node address in the 1756-L63's code or configuration. 2. Several messages refer to another Node, #67. I haven't found this at all. How do I find out where or what has this node address refers to? All our machines are connected via ethernet. All our PLC5's also have DH+ connectivity. All our L6's are ethernet only. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Finding AFI's, etc.

    ASForest - very odd indeed. Typically we're running around version 15.
  14. Finding AFI's, etc.

    AS Forest - unfortunately all I get is 'insert mode', auto verification' and 'enable quick key' as well as the means to format the display, etc. MrAutomation - cheers for the info. Unfortunately I have over 80 PLC's to audit and I was wondering if there is a tool that can generate a report on the number of Forces and AFI's within a programme without the labourious manual method as described above?
  15. Finding AFI's, etc.

    Sorry but I can't find where to set the warnings for AFI's nor the compile feature. The only Force menu I can find is to Enable/Disable them. I feel such a numpty