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  1. Hello, first I want to thank all who help in this forum, I am working with a TSX 47_20, I got the OS / 2 Warp 4 and Xtel v6.1 and PL7-1-2-3 with the User interface, I install the OS / 2 in virtual pc and Xtel correctly, the problem is to install PL7-2, when I load the file the user interface sends me the error 303 incorrect DOS release, and if i want to install PL7-2 sends me the Error 251 your telemecanique system is incomplete, not if you have bad files and estsos be for other installation, could help me.
  2. hi, I'm working with a TSX47-20, try installing the PL7 2 that this in this post, I have the OS / 2 Warp 4 running in virtual pc, and XTEL v6.1 installed correctly, but have not the file "user interface" to install PL7-2 could someone send it to me. jair.rdc.control@gmail.com thanks.