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  1. Thanks for your reply. Also I can add the following to the subject in case of future use: After discussing the problem with colleagues a tip that came up was to also try and reboot the computer running CX-programmer. It could be a fault/error located in CX-server running on the PC when connecting to the PLC. Best regards Stian
  2. Hi, Managed to solve this by disconnecting power to the PLC for a longer period of time, 15 minutes in this case. A short powerdrop of 10 - 30 seconds was not enough for some reason.  Don't know why it happened or why this did work, but hope it helps someone else in the future. Best regards Stian
  3. Hi, I have some trouble with a CJ2M-CPU33. My client did a backup to memory card earlier today, and after this we did some changes through remote link. Now the client wanted to restore the previous backup to the PLC and has done so, but the system would not function correctly. After going online on the PLC it seems like the PLC is stuck in "Stop/Programming Mode". When trying to change to "Monitor" or "Run" mode a dialog comes up containing the following message: "Failed to change the operating mode. The operating mode may be still changing in the PLC."  - All the dip switches are set to off after restoring backup - The PLC has been rebooted  - I have downloaded the application again through CX-programmer  - Verified that the PLC is set to start up in "Monitor mode" But nothing helps. The same message comes up when trying to change the operating mode.  Hoping anyone can help to resolve this issue as it is very critical for us and the client. In advance, thanks for any tips or help received. Best regards Stian