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  1. Analog To Digital Signals

    sorry for the confusion. I guess I saw similarities between applications. Fill a vessel with high pressure air, monitor, then fill with low pressure air. In his case is a casting, in my case is a tire.
  2. Copying And/or Averaging Counter Accumulator Values

    You bring up a good point on the subroutines. I was assuming that the object was to keep the average of the accumulators availiable at all times rather than just occasionally. I guess it would depend on the specifics of the application which were not included in the original description. I tend to avoid subroutines when possible since the overhead consumes scan time. The marble example seems close to what I am referring to. Subroutines have their place, but I have seen programs where they seem overused.
  3. Analog To Digital Signals

    Should work fine, but at 300 PSI I would hope that the casting is enclosed in a safety cage to catch shrapnel. Been asked to look at reworking a tire machine to seat the bead. Only problem I see right now is getting a reliable reading of tire pressure during fill since gauge seems to read a lot higher until fill valve shut off.
  4. Strange Slc 100/150 Discovery!

    I would guess that it is just a matter of the 422 being loose enough to still detect the 232 high/low levels. Same thing has been noted using 485 networks without a pic box in other posts here.
  5. Copying And/or Averaging Counter Accumulator Values

    You may want to consider just writing out 29 seperate rungs since it would be a bit easier to follow and save the time penalties of using subroutines or the for next loop. If the sum would cause overflow error consider using long or doing the division first and storing the running total in a float (if availiable).
  6. Rslogix 5000 Output Question

    Without seeing the code it is tough to tell if what was the purpose, or even if in fact it was done as you recall. Sort of odd to me that an idicator on a panelview would use an output rather than a bit, but I have seen it done on older systems were memory was tight and the unused output memory for a slot with an input module was used. Not my style, but it worked. Did you question the vendor? Does the device work as it is supposed to? I must admit that I have used rungs with duplicate outputs as a quick way to force a bit without having to have the red force light on or edit the original logic. When the problem was fixed then just delete the temporary rung without having to reenter the original logic.
  7. I have had a few odd problems with xp and the latest rockwell software. A clean install of xp seems to work best since uninstall does not seem to get rid of all the bits and pieced from older versions. There are also some compatibilty issues with older versions and SP2. For CPR6 there was a set of patches. I do not believe that products before CPR6 are officially supported under SP2. Mixing products from different CPR versions is a crap shoot at best.
  8. Turning Lights On And Off With Plc

    Having the same output in two places can cause problems you were having. The way the scan cycle works input states are read, the program then executes sequentially, then the outputs are set. Whatever the last state computed for a given output is the one that shows up. For the most part other bits are modified as each rung is scanned.
  9. Turning Lights On And Off With Plc

    Should be able to make multiple refereces to RTC, if not then perhaps you can move the data from the RTC into an INT file at the start of the scan and then just reference the INT in subsequent rungs. Keep working at it, one of the best ways to learn.
  10. Cables For Dh+ Network

    I would recommend getting the specified Belden cable. Mixed results with other brands that were supposed to be equivilanet especially if using higher speeds. Check out ABs wesbsite for some installation guides for proper layout and termination instructions.
  11. Rs Logix- Win98 Or Xp

    Don't forget to install the firewall patches for XP service pack 2. If you are still in support you may want to consider going with CPR7. I would ditto the previous comments about dumping the PIC for a UIC and trying to get a unit with a real serial port. Floppy drive can be handy as well at times for older files and old style software activation. DVD burner is not a bad idea to consider either as files continue to get larger and larger. About the only other thing that comes to mind is that I recall reading that the A series of PCMK cards does not work with some of the newer laptops due to protocall change over the years.
  12. Rsview32 Vs. Wonderware Intouch

    I have had fairly decent luck with RSView32. RSViewME/SE is a different product and at best a beta version. What little bit I have worked with Wonderware, I found it stable and fairly straight forward to modify but never had to start from scratch. Big disadvantage I have heard of is price.
  13. Ton Question

    Another option I have used is a counter driven by a free running timer. I set the counter to the overall period I want to repeat, and use the counter done bit to reset it. I then use compare instructions (GRT etc) to set the duty cycle(s) of the output. For more complicated outputs I set up an array of bits with each bit representing the smallest time increment I need. Then use bit shifts driven by a free running timer reloading one end of the array with the bit being shifted out of the other end. Set the bits with the desired output pattern and drive the output from one end of the array. One word of caution on either method is that accuracy is limited to scan time.
  14. My understanding is that RIO is essentially obsolete and has been replaced by the newer networks previously mentioned. I still some of the 1794 flex I/O in a couple of plants that have existing infrastructure, but I have taken quite a bit of crap about it.
  15. Rsview 32 7.1

    I am going through an "upgrade" to CPR7. Seems as if the only way to get rockwell's software to work properly is to start from scratch and do a fresh install. This is the second upgrade with similar results. Rockwell software is like a cancer with bits a pieces all over the place and only certain bits play well together. Too bad they do not test before shipping. Another day wasted with tech support and I am back to my original plan.