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  1. PLC and GSM Module interfacing

    Hii Guys, I have a delta DVP-60ES series PLC, and i wanna connect GSM module with PLC, what should i have to do for that? kindly provide all steps with Programming in PLC. thanks Parag
  2. hii guys help me for this...
  3. Hii folks, Greetings from me, I am facing a problem now a days, i have Twido 40 DRF PLC, and as we known that in that PLC there are 2 Transistor out put, but unfortunately in one output of transistor "1" is become sort with Common port "V1+", now guys what will be solution for this? Guide me waiting for your reply. Thanks Parag
  4. Hii folks, i have installed AC31 GRAF software, but its opening in other language, I want open it in English what should i have to do? Guys Help me.
  5. Micrologix 1000 connectivity issue

    hii guy , provide me solution for that...plz
  6. Require Logo soft Comfort Full Version

    Hii Folks, This is PG, facing trouble now a days, i have a LOGO 24, but i have not its programming software, require full version of that, plz guys send me link for full version software. Many Thanks PG
  7. PV300 Micro Error

    Hii folks, This is PG, I have PV300 Micro, its showing error code 31. whats that and how to solve it. if any know how to make programming cable(PC to HMI) and Communication cable(HMI to Micrologix 1000) any idea of pi out diagrams? Plz rply...
  8. Micrologix 1000 connectivity issue

    Hi Ken Roach, thnx for reply, but i have PLC of 24v DC input power supply and its not have any aux... Now what i have to do?
  9. Micrologix 1000 connectivity issue

    hii PLCOVICE61, Thanks for rply, I have same other set of PLC and cbale, and its working properly. but this PLC and doesnot responce when i connect to any other same cables. and one more thing that i have already checked all the details of cable including its connectivity. but still problem is there.
  10. Micrologix 1000 connectivity issue

    Pinouts 2-->7 3-->4 5-->2
  11. Micrologix 1000 connectivity issue

    PLC catalouge No: 1761-L10BWB Cable Handmade : DB-9 to 8 MIni din conector(RS 232) in RS linx i am using DF1-Devices Drive for connectivity.
  12. Hii, thnx for reply. here i have changed congiuration in HMI designing. in Vijeo Designer opti there is a option to enable ISE6191 something. i have enable that, and booom communication done.
  13. Micrologix 1000 connectivity issue

    Hii guys, i have a micrologix 1000 PLC and its programming software-RS LINX and RS LOGIX but i am facing problem, that is i am not able to connect PLC with RS LINX, in RS LINX when ever i clicked on Auto Configuration, not able to connect. i have checked communication cable and their pin out connectivity. but still facing problem. any idea how to reset micrologix 1000 controller.? Parag
  14. Thanks But i have taken confirmation from Schneider Customer care technical Executive. He told me that this cable is ok for interfacing. but problem didn't solved yet.
  15. Hii Friends Plz...plz plz Guide me....