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  1. FT View Site Edition v.8

    yes, the system is already setup to write to the local SQL server (express).  This is working, but due to size and other limitations, we are moving to a remote sql server.
  2. I have been tasked with pointing our FT View application to a remote SQL server for all data logging.  I'm having some issues getting this to happen.  I've configured everything I can find in our test environment, but FT View still points to the local SQL Server instance.  There must be a setting I'm missing.   For instance, when i go to Tools -> Diagnostics Setup -> Destination Setup -> ODBC Database, and I point to the system DSN I've created pointing to the remote server (and even enter the correct remote credentials), when i create a table, it goes to the local sql server instance... I've restarted multiple times.   Any direction would be appreciated.
  3. All, we have installed a machine from a Swiss vendor with factorytalk view SE installed on a B&R industrial PC running win 7 pro 64-bit.  When our IT department installed Mcafee and SCCM and tried to connect these utilities to our main HQ in DK, we ran into issues.  we are unable to connect to the overseas servers, nor can we ping them.  When we run portqry, we receive a FILTERED error, indicating that something is blocking the connection somewhere.  Windows firewall is turned off (grayed-out actually) and IT says there's no issue with our network firewalls or connection.  Other PCs on the same VLAN have no issue with this. Our vendor claims that this is due to the factorytalk installation.  I don't believe this is the case, but then again I don't know FT that well.  They claim that these utilities needed to be installed before FT was installed??  That doesn't seem logical.  Of course I searched around for info on the subject, but to no avail. Does anyone have any input on this?  is FT blocking TCPIP ports?     Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello all, I am new to using FactoryTalk and I have an unusual application that I cannot find help with elsewhere on the net. I'm using FactoryTalk View SE 7.0 connected to an AB Logix5572 PLC with some EtherNET/IP cards. My goal is to have a service run in factorytalk (not tied to a specific screen) that checks information from the PLC. This service will read username and password information from tags in the PLC and query this information against the hashed information in the Active Directory on the domain controller. I have been unable to find out how to get something to run independent of a screen (I looked into Events, but couldn't get it to function) and then execute VBA code, and I do not know how to run a query against A/D from VBA. Is this even possible? My other solution is to write a custom VB.NET program that will communicate with the PLC via AB commands. I believe I will be able to query A/D fairly easily from the VB environment. All comments appreciated. Thanks
  5. FX3U-ENET to GX Developer communication

    I've notice the module responds to changes if I force it to re-initialize. But no, I did not cycle power after any changes. Likewise, I did not cycle power after using Configurator. I have a Westell 7500. I'm to the point that I need to call my ISP i think. I can find nothing wrong with how things are setup.
  6. FX3U-ENET to GX Developer communication

    I still do not have a satisfactory explanation. I modified my VB.NET program to read out the buffer memory data from 0 to 800 and compared ALL the data before and after. Nothing is different that I haven't tried manually changing. I can only say that I was only able to get this communication to occur while using FX Configurator EN........ On to routing through my ISP....
  7. FX3U-ENET to GX Developer communication

    Well, I've successfully communicated with GX Developer, however, after extensively reviewing all the writable BFM addys, I can find nothing different that causes it to work (I did find that Configurator sets the local port of the MELSOFT communication connection to 5551 like you said, but this alone does not make my code work for setting this up manually). I will keep searching for what the Configurator does differently. FX Configurator EN can be downloaded from: It seems very strange to me that I can't get this to communicate without using Configurator. If I find the cause, I'll post it. Thanks for the direction!! Now back to the routing problem...I suspect the issue is in the router or firewall on my laptop. At least now I believe the routing function is set properly since I've set it with Configurator.
  8. FX3U-ENET to GX Developer communication

    1. If I just set the BFM#39 to &HA002 like the manual says for MELSOFT COM, then the module produces error C010, which is a bad port number (the default is 0 [bFM 89-92]). Perhaps there is something else I need to do to setup MELSOFT COM? 2. I don't have Configurator - is it a free download? I've actually never used it. I've always just written to BFM, etc. 3. I have 8.55h on XP, and 8.107M on my Windows 8. 4. I've tried with, and without my router. I spend several hours trying to get this to work with a straight connection from laptop to FX3U-ENET (do I need a cross over cable???) So for port 5551, should I make the local port of the module this? Thanks for the reply.
  9. FX3U-ENET to GX Developer communication

    Hello all, I've been beating my heading against a wall for the past two weeks (intermittently) trying to get communication working properly with my FX3U w/ENET module. Originally I was trying to setup port-forwarding through my router to i can use MC Protocol from outside my house to talk to the PLC, but more pressing, I've lost ability to communicate with GX Developer through the FX3U-ENET module. I know for a fact that it worked at one point a while back, then it was twitchy a few times, now nothing (I was constantly changing parameters trying to get the port forwarding to work, so who knows what happened). The module works. I have a custom VB.NET program using the MC protocol which connects and R/W just fine. When GX Developer attempts communication, the RD and SD lights light up which means I have the IP address correct and the module is responding in some way to GX Developer, but it just churns then throws a communication error. INFO: PC IP address: (wireless) and (wired) - I have tried both... PLC IP address: Local and Remote Port: 9451 for connection 1 (VB.NET program). -- What port should I set for the MELSOFT communication with GX Developer?? I don't have FX Configurator, so I write to teh BFM addys manually. It would probably help me to know exactly what Configurator does when you choose MELSOFT communication for a connection. Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite running Windows 8 64-bit. I've also tried, briefly with the same result, my old XP machine. I've tried windows firewall ON and OFF and all varieties I can think of regarding exceptions and such. The module is configured as all the documentation and websites indicate: BINARY, PING, ETHERNET FRAME, and Always wait for OPEN I've tried turning the router function ON and OFF - If this is ON, does it still allow local LAN communication? The manual says to write &HA002 to the BFM defining the connection properties (#32-39), which I have done, even though the 'A' hex characters indicates that a system bit is written to... ANY direction or thoughts on either issue (primarily GX Developer talking to FX3U-ENET, but info on port forwarding to this device would be welcome). Thanks ahead of time.