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  1. Thank you sir for your info.
  2. Hello All, A transformer produces a lot of noise. The noise is dissipated 1/r^2. If I have a 480 v to 120 1500 VA transformer how far away to does have to be height and width from the wire duct / PLC / I/O? Do I have to mount it into an external panel? I have searched and searched but I cant find any documentation on this topic. For example, my VFD recommends a 2 inch gap between itself and other equipment and a 4 inch gap between the top and bottom wire ducts. Would this be roughly suitable for a transformer? The transformer has 3x the current of my VFD. Does that mean it should be a little bit farther? Thank you
  3. Ground Loop

    Thank you sir!
  4. Ground Loop

    Thank your for the info!
  5. Ground Loop

    Thank you I dont have current flowing through the ground. I was under the assumption that your grounding should be centralized from one point source. If i connect the chassis and ground terminal to earth ground I have created multiple paths. Hence a ground loop COULD occur if let say, I have a noise region in my panel. Couldnt noise cause a ground loop? Thanks
  6. Ground Loop

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding Din rails, chassis ground and ground loops. Here is where I am getting confused. I connect my back panel to earth ground which, connects my control panel chassis to earth ground. I screw din rails on my back panel. Question #1: logically, my din rails are now connected to earth ground through the screws connecting to din rails to the back panel. Am I wrong here? As I have seen in many control panels, I connect a ground terminal block to my din rail and connect it to earth ground (the terminal block couples with the din rail through metal clamps). I now use that ground terminal block as a single point source to ground all my other components in the control panel (I connect my ground terminal block to earth ground using a wire).. *** the ten thousand dollar question is Didnt I just create a ground loop between my ground terminal block mounted on the din rail and my back panel chassis ground. For one reason or another the two different location might be at slightly different potentials causing current to flow. Where is my logic off here???? Thank you