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  1. I am using a Quantum processor  writing to a register from an HMI. The data  is in a floating point format which is what I want. How can I copy that same floating pt value to another register? I have tried using a BLKM and SUB functions however the value are not correct in floating point format. Thanks
  2. Searching In Modicon Forum

    Thanks Cowboy!
  3. Is there away to search for a word only in a specific forum?
  4. Ramp Function Block Example

    Thanks Quant for the response... I can use ModSoft, NXT, or Fast Track. The register addressing will be the same. I found this posting and I am hoping someone still remembered it.  
  5. I am looking for an example using the ramp to set point function block. Essentially it will perform like an accel function. Thanks
  6. [PLC Sample Code] - RAMP Function Example Logic

    Chris, Do you still have this example? Thanx, frank
  7. Connected Components Workbench

    I found what I was doing wrong. I failed to click on add+...
  8. Connected Components Workbench

    Bob, I tired connecting to a powerflex4. Even though it showed connected in the top right corner, i could not upload the drive parameters. I am using the 1203-USB converter. I used th DH485 driver but I still couldn't get the parameters or maybe I was impatient. The Tx and Rx LEDS on the 1203 converter were flickering in unison and the USB LED was on. It would pulse, several pulses, pulse, several pulses... How did you connect to the drive? tThanks
  9. Micrologix 1500 LRP and AB Ethernet Module

    I have finally returned to this project. Thanks for the links. When I configure RX Linx for Ethernet/IP, the IP addresses are found however the device is not recognized. Reveiwing the manual, a tip said to download an EDS file. I could not find an EDS file for the mcirologix 1500. I am using RS Logix 500 Ver9 I believe. Any thoughts?
  10. Software to Scan for IP Address

    Thanks all for the response
  11. I am looking for software that will scan/ping PLC's/devices on a network and automatically increase the address and display the devices found. Any thoughts?
  12. Hello all,I have a mcirologix 1500 LRP that is connected to a HMI via an external ethernet module. I cannot identify the module part number. What I know is there is a serial cable from the PLC to the module and from the module to the HMI via an ethernet switch/cable. I believe the serial/ethernet module is powered by 24vdc. My questions are 1) what is the module part number 2) can i communicate to the PLC through the ethernet switch using iFIX? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. I have a A984-145 processor, P120 PS, a backplane for two IO cards. I only have the processor and PS. When I power up the PS I get a green LED. No indicators are on the CPU. DO I need IO? Maybe a terminating plug? It's been a while since I have touched a PLC. A newby all over again. Thanks