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  1. ModbusSlave.ACD

    Thanks for your answers :)
  2. ModbusSlave.ACD

    Hi everyone, I want to connect Allen Bradley 1756-L63 cpu (slave) via RS-232 port to ABB CI-853 (I don't have Prosoft MVI-56-MCM that can easily solve my situation). The only way that I found is application ModbusSlave.ACD (cig-ap129_-en-p.pdf). Do I need AIC+ converter (1761-NET-AIC) or can I connect with cable (DB9-to-RJ45)? Is there another way to make this connection? Regards, Luka
  3. Compare Tool

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the element (ConfigData) in RsLogix 5000 Compare Tool. Data provided under ConfigData are series of numbers where some of them represent configuration of analog module channels (1756-IF8). But I don't know meaning of the first 5 numbers in ConfigData. On a picture in attachment, that i am sending, the first 5 numbers are [396, 225, 1, 0, 500]. I only want to know what these numbers represent. regards Luka