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  1. MOVEW vs LD/OUT

    I'm using a D0-06R controller (DL-06 family). Its a limited memory controller, with abt 7k word memory The PLC program installed on the controller is having lots of MOVEW instructions. I'm thinking to replace them with combination of LD-OUT instructions. Example: //Original Instruction STR SP1 MOVEW K0 V2004 MOVEW V6126 V6125 //Modified Instruction STR SP1 LD K0 OUT V2004 LD V6126 OUT V6125 This reduces memory usage by a significant amount per instruction. MOVEW consumes around 14words,whereas LD and OUT(box) consume 1 word each. Is there any merit keeping MOVEW? Any comments appreciated
  2. PLC Cooling Fan

    Hi Does any manufacturer PLCs have cooling fan inside them? Like the way its in a computers. There are separate CPU, GPU, hard-disk cooling systems, and additionally there may (or may not) be cabinet cooling fans I've seen a few AB, and automation direct PLC, and I couldn't see one. Any ideas about other manufacturer? Just wondering!!