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  1. Good day. I am in need of some assitance, I have a scanner connected to my LS PLC via EIP. I am reading the data from the scanner and saving it to an array[0...31] of bytes but when I try to use the byte_String FB, it gives me an "Error L0707: The size of the array does not match. cognexIn(Row 5, Col 3)". I have attached my test code that I am using in my office. Please could I get some assistance as to what I am doing wrong? clicksMG_Enet_Test.xgwx
  2. Good day all. I have an application which is running an Allen-Bradley SMC-Flex and the client would like to get the monitor the current of the soft-starter via an HMI connected to a Delta DVP-12SE. Is the SMC able to output a current and with what communications medium would I use?   Thanks.
  3. VTScada

    Good day all. Does anyone have any experience with VTScada (My first time working with this)? Looking at doing bit stripping on a word tag being read into the SCADA. Any ideas on how one would go around doing this? Can I only do this by using Scripting or is there a simpler manner in which to do this? 
  4. VTScada

    My mistake. I am using Modbus TCP/IP driver with an analogue status tag. I am currently reading in a BCD from the PLC which displays in my value but I am also looking to log 2-3 tags from the same word value. I have already emailed Trihedral Support but have received a response as yet.
  5. Gradient Control

    Hi All I have a program where I have a Solenoid Valve controlled by a Digital Output. The tricky part is getting it to heat up 1.5°C/min starting from 40°C to 100°C. I have tried to make sense of it but I am battling to figure it out. Could someone please guide as to what instructions I could possibly use?
  6. Gradient Control

    I am using a CJ2M PLC with a CJ1W-MAD42 analogue card. The temperature is a is read as 0-10V signal. I tried to use a BCD add without carry instruction (+B). Problem is when I add #3(using 3°/2mins) to 40 it makes the new value 49. Which could have something to do the fact that BCD only goes up to 1001. I am going to try the binary add to see if that will work.
  7. NQ5-SQ000-B

    Thanks for the Help. Got it working
  8. NQ5-SQ000-B

    I have done my program on the HMI but the thing that annoys me the most is that there is no Momentary Button available. Is there actually one that I have missed or what other option do have for type of application. I have 2 separate bits in my PLC which need to be triggered via the HMI but will not work without a Mometary Button. The software is NQ-Designer.
  9. NQ5-SQ000-B

    Could you please elaborate?
  10. CJ2M

    In My program, I need to increase my temperature by 1.5°C/min over a period of 30 minutes. I have tried to insert the 1.5 from my HMI but I am not very successful. Please can I get some assistance with this?
  11. CJ2M

    I am a bit confused about the REAL and INT you are talking about.
  12. CJ2M

    It is on the same program. I have one register on the HMI for the value input. It is D120
  13. CJ1W-MAD42

    Hi All I am having some issues trying to get some of my analogues working on this card. I am using a CJ2M-CPU12 cpu. Input 1 is Temp(0-10V) which seems to work alright. Input 2 is Level(4-20mA) which bounces a lot and does not settle on a value Output 1 is Speed(0-10) which I just can not get working. Regardless of the Value I enter I get 0.499V on the output. I have tried to setup output 2 the same way and still have the same problem. I have attached a sample of the code I am writing for you to view. Please, if anyone could assist. I need to urgently finish this machine now. Thanks guysAnalogue Test.cxp
  14. CJ1W-MAD42

    For those of you that have had a look at the setup off my MAD-42 in the IO Table. Is my Input 2 setup correctly for 4-20mA
  15. CJ1W-MAD42

    I have managed to get the Output working, eventually. My other issue. Input 2, constantly bounces in value. Possibility of faulty sensor as I goes no higher than 5mA. I am trying with a 0-10V Pressure sensor now but it goes all the way to 14.18V. I can not remember my voltage divider circuits in order to 0-14.18V to 0-10V. Please help.
  16. CJ1W-MAD42

    Here is the actual Program. Please don't be to overly critical. First time writing code with Omron and self taught. The value of the output is in the Analogue sub-section of the code. It is speed output and the machine only does like a max of 10rpm and that's only at the end of the program. Also not to sure if I did my scaling correctly for both Input 2 and Output 1. My Input 1 seems to be working fine. The value that I use when in manual test comes from the HMI.PandL.cxp
  17. CJ1W-MAD42

    Restart the PLC as in cycle the power?
  18. CJ1W-MAD42

    I put in a CIO2000.00 with a P_On but still no change in the output
  19. CJ1W-MAD42

    Sorry. This is just a little program I wrote for my example. In my actual Program, it is MOV D110 2001. As for My inputs, the V/I switches are set accordingly
  20. CJ1W-MAD42

    D111 is an HMI input value and is used when I do manual tests on the machine. I use D110 as the register to output my speed. I have checked my wiring over and over and it is correct. I will try the buffer. Surely if I disconnect the cables on my output, I should get some reading?
  21. Timer

    Use online editing. It does not affect the running of the program. As far as I can remember, you need to in monitor mode.