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  1. Unable to connect E1101 to pc via ethernet

    To connect E1101 with PC, first you must know IP your E1101. Try like this : 1. Reboot E1101 and then you will see default address E1101. example IP : 2. Set your IP address PC same subnet. example IP : 3. If E1101 direct to PC must using cross cable UTP, if using hub/switch can use stright cable UTP. Hope can solve your problem
  2. ModbusDroid FX3U with FX3U Enet-l

    kaare_t, now I try install GXWorks 2. FX3U-Enet-L is special Module right? I add new module but FX3U-Enet-L not available Can explain me how to add module in GXWork2?
  3. ModbusDroid FX3U with FX3U Enet-l

    can't only Enet-L module? I see in youtube, only use Enet-L module but using gxwork2.. I use Gx Developer.. Or maybe need ladder plc? In modbusdroid can change port number. what do you mean with Software and language?
  4. I have to try connect plc FX3U with android. In play store, I found modbusdroid app.This app can communicate with PLC using modbus protocol. I already configure Enet-L module like this : Maybe someone can help me? or already try modbusdroid app and success connect with FX3U? Thanx for your advice. Regard Ben

    CS Chan, I usualy make Dmov to set/reset floating point. Dmov k0 D116
  6. need help for Mitsubishi FX3U

    to connect using serial you must set com port your pc.Default is used COM1 but if you use usb to serial com port is not COM1. you can see at my computer-properties-device manager.
  7. Mail FX3U-Enet-L

    It's solved, the problem is destination bit in example used 3, my setting is 1.
  8. cc link

    yes,its possible using cc-link communication. Before I used in Qseries with remote I/O
  9. Mail FX3U-Enet-L

    Hai, I have a problem send and receive mail with FX3U-Enet-L. I try following the program at page 205-206. And I only change from U1 to U0 but still can't send mail Page 205.bmp' alt='Page 205.bmp'> Page 206.bmp' alt='Page 206.bmp'> My Configuration PLC : FX3U -> Enet-L (Module 0) Can someone help me to solve this problem? Thanx