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  1. FANUC robot and DeviceNet for EOAT

    Thank you Panic Mode! Do you have any experience with this? If, you do, what I'm looking to find out is; if the robot is the Master, do I need to configure the AB DeviceNet Adapter? I think I do, but since I've never worked with DeviceNet before, I'm trying to figure this out before I buy the components.
  2. FANUC robot and DeviceNet for EOAT

    Looking to see if anyone out there has hooked up a DeviceNet IO module to a FANUC robot. We have a R2000iB robot with and R30iA controller and it came in with no EE connection, but it does have DeviceNet (signal and power) running through the robot and it has a DeviceNet interface card installed in the robot controller. I'm under the impression that there are a lot of these beasts out there, but I haven't had the opportunity to talk to anyone who has seen it or done it. Specifically, I'm looking at a 1734-ADN (Allen-Bradley DeviceNet Adapter), 1734-IB4 (4 Point Input Module) and a 1734-OB4 (4 Point Output Module). There is no PLC involved... the 1734-ADN would be a slave to the FANUC robot. I've contacted FANUC ASI tech support and Rockwell Automation TechConnect, but neither one of the people that I have talked to seemed to know much about what I was asking... they just told me that I could do it, without the how to go about doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!