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  1. ConfiguratorFDT

    Yes, it appears that is definitely the case. I am rewriting it as we speak. I'll back it up onto a platinum encased thumb drive and lock it in a vault. Cheers for your help Stevie
  2. ConfiguratorFDT

    Thanks for that Tashinz. I have already configured a Profinet system on a different machine in the way you suggested with no problems. However, I need to work on another machine that I don't have the config file for. I could rewrite it but there are about 50 devices on there and don't want to reinvent the wheel in this case as the machine is already running. Any ideas????
  3. ConfiguratorFDT

    Hi all, I have V2.1.0.6 ConfiguratorFDT I have V1.2 DTM (the latest I believe) for the CJ1W-PNT21 (V1.06 or any that I try) I am connected to the PLC through the Ethernet/IP port I can connect to it, download to it, read the diagnostics but.... I cannot UPLOAD the configuration from it. I get a DTM fault V1.2 as shown in the attached image. Has anyone else suffered this or managed to upload parameters successfully? If so, HOW is it done? Cheers Stevie
  4. Omron & Balluff

    Hi all, Has anyone any experience of configuring a Balluff IO Master BNI EIP-502-105-Z015 BNI004A with Omron Network Configurator? The PLC is a CJ2H Ethernet/IP model. Basically I have the Master with three BNI IOL-310-000-K025 (16Bit) units hanging off the IO Link ports. They are to be assigned as follows: - Bit 0 - In 1 - In 2 - In 3 - Out 4 - In 5 - In 6 - In 7 - Out and so on up to bit 15 as an Out. I have never used these with Omron before and can only find reference to them with AB. Any ideas/pointers/solutions, etc would be great. Cheers Stevie