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  1. omron plc addressing

    hi innoaloe , thanks for replying my noob question. each ID/OD card using 2 words.... Means - PA202 , CJ2M-CPU12 , CRM21 , ID231 (0000.0>15 - 0001.0>15 ) , OD231(0002.0>15 - 0003.0>15 ) And then CRT1-MD16 is mix input and output slave.. CIO-2000.00 > 07 input ? CIO-2000.01 > 07 output ? or CIO-2000-00 > 07 input , CIO 2000-08 > 15 output?
  2. Error Code 2200 (Missing Para)

    hi kaare_t PLC will stop. if i dont remove the cc link cable.....on the 1st time system cycling ...
  3. omron plc addressing

    hi guys, im newbie of OMRON ... im using cx-programmer , master module start with PA202 , CJ2M-CPU12 , CRM21 , ID231(0000-0003) , ID231(0004-0007) , OD231(0008-0011) , OD231(0012-0015) connect to 1 unit of CRT1-MD16(0016) CH5? isit the address is correct?
  4. Error Code 2200 (Missing Para)

    hello Crossbow, The cc-link cable ( DA,DB,DG,SLD )from master module to the end are correct... i been check few time ad.. SLD connect to the modules... FG connect to ground.
  5. Error Code 2200 (Missing Para)

    hello kaare_t, thanks for your reply. DIP setting is on (Default) OFF position. dont have any other memory card. i dono why , but it works everytime i disconnect and reconnect the cc-link cable....
  6. Error Code 2200 (Missing Para)

    thanks for your reply crossbow. Its because the CC-link signal cable effected by noise.... whenever the cclink 1st time cycling at the POWER turn ON .... error will come out... so everytime i need to disconnect CC-link cable and power turn on..... after few second then connect back cc-link cable then only can function ... but is there anyway to clear the NOISE?
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone faces this problem before? GXwork2- Simple Project, Ladder Program... -Q61p , Q03UDCPU , QJ61BT11N , QX42 , QY42P , QY41P -Connect to 8 module(AJ65SBTB32-16DR) And i start to upload my PLC program .... Testing & commissioning are DONE..... Everything are fine... After few days later.... there is a Power failure then PLC Program missing , All the PLC input , output missing Error code show Missing Para(2200) i try to recycle power few time ....then the program came back.... everything Back to online.....
  8. Para Error 3106 with Q03UDCPU

    Q03UDCPU,QJ61BT11,QX42,QY42P,QY41 connect to 8 station(AJ65SBTB1-32DT) I cant found the problem .... Is there any diffrent between Q00CPU and Q03UDCPU? last few project im using Q00CPU , and i dint face this Problem ......
  9. Para Error 3106 with Q03UDCPU

    Thx for your it i need to put a memory card or i need to move the data from d9010-d9090 to d1000-d9070?
  10. Dear all I have some problem with this para error 3106. Please help me ...thanks
  11. cc-link topic

    Thanks you very much ,Sir.
  12. cc-link topic

    is this correct? 1st cc-link = link to 12 nos modules 2nd cc-link = link to 13 nos modules
  13. cc-link topic

    how should i configuration on parameter ? is it same configuration as usual?
  14. cc-link topic

    hi guys, is that possible to put 2 cclink (QJ61BT11N) in a same CPU module? 1st cclink comunication with - A area 2nd cclink comunication with -B area Good Day =)
  15. Q64AD scale range 4-20mA

    Thank you for your answers. I'll try the program samples. Thank you agains.