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  1. S7 200 for Windows 7

    Respected Friends, Someone please give me a Link to Download Step 7 for windows 7. I tried downloading many files but none of them are woking.. Everytime i try to Install it says the older version should exist. And i wanna know whether S7 200 will be supported in windows 7. Thanks & regards
  2. Omron Analog Programming-CX Programmer

    I m Using Ladder Programming. So kindly Help me. Thanks.
  3. Connecting Expansion With CPU

    Hey thank you.. I got confused cuz, when we type the output address in the CPU module the letter "Q" will be added infront automatically.. But when we try to enter the output address for Expansion modules the "q" will not appear. So i thought its the Wrong addressing.. But when i tried to Force the Outputs the respective Outputs are ON.
  4. Omron Analog Programming-CX Programmer

    Can Someone kindly Send me a Sample Project of Analog Programming for 4-20mA Analog Inputs. Im using CP1W-AD041 Analog Expansion Module with CP1E-N30DR PLC. I read the manuals but i am very much confused. They say that we need to convert the values and then store and move into some registers. It would be of great help. Thank You.
  5. Connecting Expansion With CPU

    Oh Sorry Im using CP1E-N30DR with CP1W-8ER! I tried connecting the Expansion Module to the CPU module. But when i tried to Continue the Output address in CX programmer it is Not Working... Lets say the CPU module has outputs till Q101.03 and when i tried using the Expansion Module starting from Q101.04 it is not working.. And kindly Guide me the steps to be done in CX programmer to connect an Expansion Module and the addressing of outputs cuz its a Digital Output Expansion Module...
  6. Connecting Expansion With CPU

    Someone Please help me how to connect the Expansion Unit to Omron Micro Plc... Im using CP1W expansion slot with CP1E Micro Plc. Explain me the procedure to be done in CX programmer and IO addressing of that Expansion Unit in CX programmer... Thanks