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  1. Hello! I am trying to output pulses through port #0000 using puls + acc instructions but when the condition for pulse output is met i get no pulses sent at all. Please check attached file to see operand configuration. I don't know why pulses are not being sent, because in the previous task of this same program i used the same setup to succesfully move a camera over the rows and columns of a tray of pieces (although i couldn't output pulses through two ports at the same time). If someone knows why could this be comments would be much apreciated, thank you! EDIT: failed to attach file on first upload.
  2. Problem with SPED(885) instruction

    Hey bits, problem solved, thanks for the reference it was of great help!
  3. Hello all, I am experimenting with pulse output to a step motor. I achieved succes with simple instructions like P_0_02s. So I decided to try combining PULS(886) and SPED(885) instructions to make the step motor sping 360 º with a frequency of 1khz. Here I attach the ladder diagram of the program I made: MOV instruction referred to D0 Contains number of pulses to be output (1600 Pulses to spin 360 º) MOV instruction referred to D10 Containus target pulse output frequency (1000 Hz) (tried entering both as hexadecimal and integer) My problem is that 0.04 is detected but there is no pulse output at all at 100.02(pulse) nor 100.03(direction). I believe the problem is on SPED instruction as u can see that on the bottom part of dialog box there is a very big integer (&50332648,D) which exceeds the pulse output capacity (100 KHZ). I have tried storing the target frequency in all ways i could think of and problem still persists. No output light lit on 100.02 and 100.03 either. I would appreciate if you could point me what have I done wrong here or what am I missing. Thanks a lot in advance, and cheers for nice community! EDIT: Wrote STEP instead of SPED.