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  1. Regarding Allen Bradley 1746 I/O most cards come with a removable terminal block (Example P/N 1746-RT25R). What I am looking for is the socket portion that is soldered to the circuit board.  
  2. I’m just curious if other people have had difficulties setting the IP address of Allen Bradley's 1799ER-IQ10XOQ10 card (embedded Ethernet I/O card). I have spent hours on the phone with their tech support to the point where they say the problem must be in my computer. The only way I have had any success (using the BootP-DHCP Server program) it to restart my laptop in safe mode and then just try, try and try again. I had one unit that gave me every indication that the new IP address was sent, and that the command to disable BootP was successful, but still I had to try at least 3 times before I could even ping it. Is anyone else out there experiencing this kind of difficulty?
  3. barcode reader to PLC

    Sparky - We use the Sick Barcode Scanners with the compact logic L32's all the time. My advice is to stay away from Ethernet - use serial. I would be happy to share some code to show you how we read the serial port. I'm not happy with any Ethernet Barcode scanner because I must deal with IT people to get the infrastructure set up, and there is very little gain (if any) in speed when you consider the RPI rate is usually set to 20 Milliseconds on the Ethernet card.