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  1. The more I learn...

    Thanks again. When I set out I was trying to prove a point to a co-worker. That the program couldn't be that hard even if the IT guy had to reprogram the PLC (all it does is control 5 lights one is just a run light, 2 are controlled by the robot welder and manually and the other 2 are manualy controled) and count parts Supposedly all he has to do is download the program back on the PLC (assuming they have a copy) But as I dig it appears it might be a little more complicated than I thought. The PLCs are Omron C200Hx's and thre inputs are from a touchscreen (NT620C)not through the input card (ID212)well some are through the input card. Odds are pretty good too that some have the inputs on the first channel and some have the outputs first - nothing else around there is standardised. I may have to eat a little crow on this one. I guess if I really want get involved I need to see if I can get a copy of the program from the guy and maybe work with him a little. Thanks again, Ken
  2. The more I learn...

    I'm very new to PLCs I took a class on Texas instrument PLCs about 8 or 10 years ago, but never had the oportunity to use what I learned. I might have a chance to get involved with PLC programming at work, but I'm trying to learn what I can at home. I just got really interested in Omrons and started to dig into Omrons in the last week. I've learned how to do simple ladders but the manual for Syswin is not very good at explaining a few things. I also found a great e-book (had to copy and paste into Word to read it away from the internet, but it uses Omrons for the examples and is really good. And best of all: ITS FREE! The address is: http://www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/...ook/plcbook.htm if anyone is interested. One of the things that is used in the sample files with Syswin uses Holding Relays, but without a PLC to try it on I 'm still unsure exactly how it works. Does the same switch that turns an HR on turn it off again. Does it just toggle of and on at each input? Thanks. Ken Demo1c.swp
  3. # ofI/O's on Omron C200Hx PLC

    Yep its me again.. still trying to get those I/O's down before I try to write a program. Its not really my job, but our IT "professional" is too lazy or too afraid of getting dirty to climb on top of our robot enclosure (we recently moved our robot welders around and had to disconnect the network cables) to reprogram the PLC for one of our robotic welders which was shut down for a week @ Christmas, and aparently the battery went dead or something and wiped out the memory. Also we had to send some touch screens back because he couldn't figure out how to program them and had to get the same ones used before (which are apparently hard to find now) and had to get the same ones so he could just download the program left by the former Programmer. I would like to get more familiar with Omron PLC's and software before I offer my services to help out. The PLC program should be fairly simple - it involves 5 lights a PLC and a touch screen. one light comes on if the robot is in play mode and running, another comes on if x number of parts are ran, and the rest are manually turned off and on if the operator needs a technician, parts, or a supervisor (the last one is a joke... they never look up). Anyway... we use Omron C200Hx PLC's with an ID212 input module and an OC225 output module. I don't go back to work till tomorow night, so I'm not sure how many slots the rack has. I was also wondering if there was an empty slot between the input and output modules if it would change the addresses of the I/O's Thanks, Ken
  4. Internal vs. External I/O's

    Thanks again for the quick response. I'm not sure if you got the PM earlier...
  5. Internal vs. External I/O's

    I am a robot technician at work where we use mostly Omron PLC's. About 8 years ago I took a course on PLC's (Texas Instruments). We used a DOS program (TI405) for programming. The I/O's were very easy - X for input Y for output C for (internal) control relay. I recently aquired a copy of Syswin for Omron PLC's and am having trouble figuring out how to put the inputs and outputs in. I've been through the manual and a couple of e-books and still can't find the answer. I read (in the manual I think) that internal relays need no prefix... OK, so what prefix do I need to put for an external output? In another place I understood it to say adress IR000.00 through IR000.05 were the inputs and 010.00 through 010.05 were the output terminals (for an Omron CPM1A). I'm working on this at home and have no PLC here, so I'm working offline and can't try out the programs to see if I'm getting an output. The PLC at work is an Omron C200Hx. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Ken