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  1. Siemens S7-1500 and SICK

    Hello all, Let me start by saying that although I have been working with PLCs for 20+ years I am very (as in brand) new to the Siemens world (my wheelhouse is AB). That being said I have a Siemens S7-1500 (1511 specifically) CPU with a couple of SICK multi-turn Profi-Net encoders (AFM60A-S4NB018x12) that I need to talk to. - I am using TIA v13 with all of the updates. - I have the GSD file from SICK for the encoder. - I have no clue what I am doing - I can see the encoder values update in the watch table as I move the encoder. All fine and dandy so far... Here's where the white flag is going up.... - I am of the belief that there are existing function blocks out there 'somewhere' that can read and write to the base parameters. I have contacted our local rep who deferred me to SICK. I have emailed and left messages with them and have not gotten a return anything thus far. Here's our application... We are attaching each encoder to its own rotary gear mechanism. The rotary will need to turn in the CW direction approximately 400 degrees then return to its start point by rotating in the CCW direction by the same amount. If/When production/maintenance needs to 'rehome' the assembly, the expectation is that they 'pin' the drive in a known location then a bit would be set within the CPU that would assign a specific value to the encoder's actual position. In the SICK manual (8015078/YIX6/2015-01-16) on page 31 (section 3.6.3) there is reference to Preset control. This is what I believe we need to perform the aforementioned function. Does anyone have any examples that they could share on how to read/write to these encoders by use of a Function Block or other? Relatively desperate for help at this point. Can post test code if need be. Thank you in advance, TLAF
  2. Hello all, I am experiencing an unusual (and what appears to be an unheard of) behavior in my CompactLogix L18ER controller. I am setting the date/time of the controller from my work station, however when I GSV WallClockTime, it is reporting 4 hours different. I have asked our local resources as well as done some forum and knowledgebase searching without result. Has anyone encountered this before? Attached is a screenshot of the controller time vs. the wall clock time. This isn't mission critical since it can be manually adjusted however I would like to understand what is taking place that would cause this behavior. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I have been given a 'unique' project that I'm hoping someone can help me shed some light on. I am using an AB CompactLogix L18ER PLC I have a Generic ENet module that I am receiving data from in the form of INT (kinda). It is actually sending DINT, but the generic module has to be set up as INT in order to properly communicate. Here's my issue... Let's say I have rec'd result data. It is placed in registers GenericModule:I.Data.[0] and GenericModule:I.Data.[1] In .0 the data reads -28532 In .1 the data reads 6 The result needs to end up as 430.2202 If I get out my handy-dandy windows calc, put it in Programmer mode and perform the following steps, I get the proper result. I'm just not certain how to achieve in L5K. 1. Convert INT result of GenericModule:I.Data.[0] to HEX = 908C 2. Convert INT result of GenericModule:I.Data.[1] to HEX = 6 3. Put the calc on Dword + HEX and enter Second result then first result (Like MSD, LSD) = 6908C 4. Convert to Dec = 430220 5. Divide by result of step 4 by 1000 = 430.220 Thoughts?
  4. Hello All, I am getting ready to head up a project where we will be using an AB CompactLogix L18ER in conjunction with an Omron FH Vision Controller. I don't suppose anyone has come across (or created some version of) an AOP for this type of setup? I have searched through Omron's site as well as general Googling without success. I'd hate to have to do this the long way and re-invent the wheel if someone has something that is already rolling. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. HELP Please!!! I have set up many IP controllers without as much issue as this one. I have an L35E that no matter what I do will NOT allow me to disable BootP. It simply refuses the connection. I can set the IP address to whatever I want. I can ping it at whatever address I set it to... But I cannot Disable BootP. I also cannot see it when I search in RSLinx... It simply appears as an Unrecognized Device with a big fat red X. Losing my mind. I know that it isn't this difficult. Screenshot attached... Top Left - command prompt with successful ping Bottom Left - BootP utility with successful IP assignment Right - big fat red X on BTW... Yes I have rebooted all devices multiple times.
  6. Does anyone happen to have an L5K aoi for PowerFlex 525 EENet drives for use as conveyors? I've done some searching and haven't found anything applicable. Thanks! TL7791