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  1. PL7-2 installing

    Dear all, Could anyone send me a PM with a link to download the PL7-2 software?  Thanks in advance and best regards, Matías
  2. Thanks a lot for the quick response!! I will try all you suggestions this week and comment again after that. Your regards, Matías
  3. Hi all, I have a Modicon M340 PLC with the following configuration: CPS2000 - P34 2030 - DDM 16022 I want to implement this communication set between PC and PLC: Visual Basic 2010 Express (app not programmed yet) - Modbus - TCP/IP - Ethernet II - P34 2030 PLC Processor I need some general advice and to know if the previously communication set is correct. My questions are: 1) Is enough the P34 2030 processor to establish an ethernet communication? or I need an extra communication module? 2) Is there a Modbus library for Visual Basic 2010? 3) Can I have also a web access to the PLC variables? 4) This communication can be simulated using Unity Pro or I need to have the PLC connected physically? Thanks in advance, Matías