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  1. Fixed: I was remotely assisting colleagues on this matter when it first came up. When I was able to  get hands on with the setup, I found out that the communications were not getting updated when the PV program was downloaded... needless to say the setup is working now. I appreciate every ones support with this thread. 
  2. PV+6. we tried plugging the PV directly to an EN2T on the 72S chassis and cant see the processor in factory talk. It looks like there is another issue with our setup.
  3. details: panelview (2711P-RDT15C) connected to "switch A" (ntron p/n: F-716TX) "processor A " (1756-L62) is connected to "switch A" "processor B" (1756-L73S) is connected to "switch B" (ntron p/n: F-716TX) "switch B" is connected to "switch A" I'm trying to use a single panelview to communicate to 2 separate PLC processors (separate chassis). When I go to add the shortcut in factory talk I find the "processor B". When I connect my laptop to  "switch A" I can see every thing in RSlinxs.  Any one experience this issue or know how to make this setup work? Maybe there's a switch setting that is not allowing RSlinxs enterprise in the PV to see both processors? 
  4. I have a MPC1C10 unit and a MPC1P10 programmer. This unit is password locked and the only help the manual can give me is "Enter the password per instruction card packaged with programmer" Is there a default password for these units or is it something to do with the serial number? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!