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  1. Omron SP10-DR-A

    I know that this topic has been covered a few times but I'm kinda stuck as I need this paricular controller. I've made the cable and using minilss have successfully uploaded the program from an existing controller (wasn't easy..took a few dozen tries to coonect) but can't seem to connect again to the new controller to download the the program to it. Minilss reports an error 'couldn't read LR-sizes communication time-out. I'm using a 486sx/25MHz laptop with dos 6.2 (i've tried other versions) and i'e tried different baud rates etc. Anybody have anything tried and tested or any ideas? Thanks
  2. Omron SP10-DR-A

    Was wondering if anybody has a working model and if they could post the exact configuration they are using because I've tried everything...different PLC's, PC's, operating systems, and every possible port setting combination I can think of. If possible either post or email me what type of computer (make/model), operating system, any special settings, the exact pinout your using on the interface cable
  3. Omron SP10-DR-A

    Thanks Jay. It may come to that. That may get me outa a pinch until I can explore new contoller possiblities
  4. Omron SP10-DR-A

    This is very true Nibroc, however I'm not in a position be changing equipment at the moment. I'm pretty sure the timers etc in the replacement would be thrown by the difference in CPU speed, at least that seems to be the opinion of the omron rep I spoke with. I'm going to explore that after I get this thing up and running however if anybody has any idea or feedback about the timer issue I appreicate that too
  5. Omron SP10-DR-A

    I believe ya. I just can't figure out why I can't achieve a stable/reliable link. I'm just banging my head for an answer. I've downloaded that diagram and I would guess every peice of info on this formun as well as many other but I don't understand why I can't connect using hardwaree and software from that time period. I'm sitting here with a program from the old controller prove that cable works to upload the program from the plc and I can only persume it works to download one back but it took me hour to get the program of the old one and that was after about 8 hours at 4am and I can't recreate the proceedure to program the new one
  6. Omron SP10-DR-A

    The problem I'm running into though is that I have only been able to make the connection once. I managed to get the program off the old controller but that was the one and only time I was able to connect using the old cable. I'm wonder if the sp10 follows the rs-422 configuration (old mac serial) which uses estentially the same plug and is you look at the diagrams in my previous post many of the pins line up with a typical rs-422 to rs232 converter
  7. Omron SP10-DR-A

    been looking some more and I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if the interface on the sp10 is what it looks like...an rs-422 din-8 interface. The cable is found in an old post has the following configuration; sp10 ---- rs-232 5 --------1k-------- 3 (TxD) 3 ------------------ 2 (RxD) 4 ------------------ 1 (DCD) and 6 (DSR) 7 ------------------ 8 (CTS) 8 ------------------ 5 (GND) everything I've found online say's that if it is an rs-422 interface the above diagram is close but should have the following configuration instead; sp10 ---- rs-232 1 ------------------- 4 (DTR) and 7 (RTS) 2 ------------------- 8 (CTS) 3 ------------------- 2 (RxD) 8 ------------------- 5 (GND) 5 --------1K-------- 3 (TxD) 6 7 ------------------- 1 (DCD) Does anybody have any idea if this makes sense because I've been out of this too long to know?
  8. Quickest way to check for a functioning port if it's a it's a 9pin interface is to plug an old serial mouse into if (if available). You'll also what to ensure that the application was designed to be used within win2k/xp (i don't know the prog your using...I new to controls) because what happens with alot of legacy applications is they try to access ports directly and they can't.