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  1. Hi there, I'm wanting to connect a panelview 800 to an SLC5/03 the SLC is connected to an 1747-AIC which is run to another 1747-AIC. I'm trying to figure out what cable I require to connect the peripheral of the second AIC module to the panelview. I can't seem to find any reference online. Any help would be appreciated. Image attached to clarify.    
  2. Hi, So I have a problem when copying an application from USB onto a panelview plus 700/1000. The copying part from external to internal memory is fine, then I load it into the current application and run it and everything works. Until you restart/cycle power to the HMI and for some reason it reverts back to whatever the previous application that was loaded was. If this has been deleted then a message appears saying the application can't be found. Transferring the application from the transfer utility on a PC to the HMI works perfectly and when power is cycled there is no problem the application sent loads and runs, provided the tick box "Run application at startup" is selected. Has anyone had this problem of a USB transferred and loaded application reverting back to a previous version before, and found a solution by any chance? My current work around is to make sure the new application is called the same as the previously loaded application and that works. However this creates issues with keeping track of revisions on sites. Cheers