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  1. NS screen programming over mobil network

    Hi I have a vpn set up to a 4g router running a small CIP station with a cp1-el plc and a NS 10 touch screen. I can program and monitor the plc but i can not program the touch screen. I have tried directly to the ip and fins address of the screen and via the plc but neither work. has any one got any other ideas or an alternate programming method perhaps? I can ftp to the screen and I can view its web page so it is likely something more sinister like the mobile network messing with packets or something. I'm wondering if I can format a memory card and ftp files to it to reprogram the screen or something ?    
  2. hostlink and modbus at the same time.

    Hi in previous times i made a plc program with hostlink to connect two cp1L-20 plcs together which has been working well for years, problem i now have is is that the system was previously using I/O to control a danfoss VSD. I have made a program to talk to the danfoss drive using modbus using rs232 (no protocol)  but talking to the other PLC with modbus is proving troublesome to fit the code in the plc. Is there some way I can use hostlink and modbus at the same time ? so the slave plc and the drive will havg off the same cif12 
  3. NS screen web if slow over mobile VPN

    I'm having a problem with a NS screen web interface working over a vpn over the mobile network (4g LTE) It takes 10-15 seconds to refresh the page and you can see it doing it a line at a time. I have changed it to gray scale and it is much better but still not good. It works when local with out issue and over the internet but not over mobile internet. I'm guesing it is some sort of buffer issue.   Of note I can monitor and program the plc over the same mobile network with out issue but i cant program the NS over the VPN/ mobile network it just fails.        
  4. Buttons with graphics in NA

    I think this might be the easiest option.
  5. Sysmac studio download

    Cool thanks 1.43 defiantly asks for a dx11 capable graphics card on install, I might Jusy bite the bullet and buy a gtx 7 series gpu then I will have no issues.
  6. cp2e PIDAT

    Yes I'm doing that in another part of the code not in the sample. But i have found my problem it uses a proportional band not gain i found this after a second read of the instruction manual, I did not realize this it is kind of a bit odd way of doing it. I was winding up the setting when I should of lowered it to make make the regulation tighter I have it sorted now thanks.  
  7. cp2e PIDAT

    I'm having issues getting the PIDAT function to work It just does not seem to regulate and I dont know what I'm doing wrong.     pidat.cxp
  8. cp2e cp1w-mab22 serial settings ?

    hi In the manuals currently on the australian edata site they don't show you what to set the serial port to to enable an option board.   I know in the cp1l you could set the serial settings to 115200 or something  or switch the dip switch under the programming cover.   In the cp2e there is no dip switches and this and this info seems to be missing from the user manual. Any one have any idea ?
  9. cp2e cp1w-mab22 serial settings ?

    Correct yes the MAB221 sorry I found it in another manual under programming examples you have to set the serial port settings in the PLC Settings menu for serial 1 to 115200 7,2,E HOSTLINK to make the analogue option board work in the first expansion port.
  10. cp2e cp1w-mab22 serial settings ?

    hi In the manuals currently on the australian edata site they don't show you what to set the serial port to to enable an option board.   I know in the cp1l you could set the serial settings to 115200 or something  or switch the dip switch under the programming cover.   In the cp2e there is no dip switches and this and this info seems to be missing from the user manual. Any one have any idea ?
  11. daylight readable omron HMI solution?

    Are any of the NA series HMI's daylight readable I could not find this information on Edata? I have a setup with a NB and CP1L it is installed outdoor with a hood over it and it is basically unreadable in bright and shows reflections when users are wearing HI Vis work gear. I'm wondering if I switch to Sysmac based PLC and NA will it be any better as it is a significant jump in price? I'd like to avoid the route of a PC based HMI and scada package like ignition because of the cost.
  12. Communication through CP1W-C1F11 "freezes up"

    Are you using the easy master function blocks or your own code ?  
  13. rounding a value to nearest 10

    Hi I have flow meters and have them counting up to a value and stopping a pump.   it all works but the display on the hmi counts up in decimal places because of the scale factor of the flow meters. To scale them because of inacuracy I basically multiply what I want to count to by 1000 and i basically add for every pulse of the flow meters a value between 1500 and 500 to count to scale the flow meters then compair the two to stop the pump if the count is equal to or greater than the dialed in amount. Is there an easy way to round this value to the nearest bigest 10's value? I'm guessing convert to a floating point use the FIXL instruction? is there an easy way im missing as I could not seem to find a rounding instruction?    
  14. rounding a value to nearest 10

    I'm using a mixture of NB and NS screens currently and possibly in the future ignition scada. That is one option I guess but it is screen dependant and would be nice to do it in the plc.      
  15. latest sysmac installer version ?

    thanks that installer is 1.25.1 which is significantly newer than my DVD and will save me a lot of headaches.
  16. We have a really old sysmac version back from around 2014 and we have to spend half a day updating every time we install it what is the latest installer version?   As I was recently sent a updated version from Omron but it is way behind 1.27 which I believe is the current latest update and I still have to preform updates afterwards.        
  17. step program

    I'm using a cp1l  plc and are currently using step/ step next functionality with in a program and it works but i have run out of programming space and what i want to do is break down the program into blocks and recall them from with in a step or something simular so I dont need to rewrite code multple times. problem is you can not have steps within steps. will i be able to acomplish this with subroutines blocks or some sort of stack pointer with indirect adressing or something would any one be able to shed light on a possible solution?
  18. step program

    I have made a sequencing program as such it uses move and compair instructions but it ends ends up taking up more space than the step program as compair is a larger memory footprint than step. I'm asuming you mean something like the attached? The other problem I have is that im trying to remain backwards compatable with the cpm1a and it does not as such have an inline function just CMP with cpu flags and it gets long winded and confusing. test.cxp
  19. Omron PLC's with Syswin3.4

    You may have a lite version (demo) you may need to talk to an omron rep to get a full version or a version of cx one  
  20. About InverterRefresh

    I don't know about your yagi drives but I control a Danfoss drive with a cp1l plc using function blocks using Modbus easy master to do basically the same as you want. with the Danfoss drives you have the ability to control the drives via digital input and or fieldbus with the option for logic for one to override the other so you could use a relay output to start the drive and then use Modbus for the control word for speed reference.
  21. nested keep

    can someone explain to me why this wont work. I expected it will operate the first keep on input 00 and the second operation will operate the second keep. but that is not so. but both operate at the same time at the up shift of input 00. it seems it ignores the reset on the second keep.     nested keep.cxp nested keep.cxp
  22. code optimisation steps vsr FB memory

    I'm looking for a way to optimise memory in a cp1l plc as I have run out of steps (UM) memory to fit my program. I have heaps of fb memory as im not using many function blocks am I able to trade on for the other to fit a bigger user program in some how? Will coding in function blocks reduce the amount of steps in the program as from a quick play FB use steps when they are posted in the user program but I don't know which is less memory hungry it seems fb actually consume more memory.      
  23. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    This will work is is using rs232c non protocol transmission function blocks. you may have issues with this if you need handshaking as I don't believe it supports it like modbus easy master so I don't think it will work in point to point 232 but it will with multi drop 485. You should set the dip switches on,on,on,off,on,on 1 through to 6 with the cp1w-cif11 or 12 documentation in English and French and a cheat sheet showing the setup between omron master and slave. I have tried this and it works at least with the send register function x_10 It is pulled from the Omron  support site as Jpv seems to make a lot of the omron modbus function blocks. Cheers Jono Modbus RTU Master(CP1L) to Slave(CP1L) RS485.pdf
  24. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    I have found an alternative modbus program in ladder and it is easier to follow and i can see the logic. It seems like I'm gettin crc errors and malformed messages. what would be the cause of this?   I have monitored W0 in the monitor window and it seems to be getting rubbish but some times it is ok this looks like an ok frame whether it is correct or not I don't know: slave code 02 function 10 address 0AF9 0210    0AF9    0002    9212    3C00    008C    5901    100A    F900 but then this is total crap: 0210    0AF9    0210    0AF9    0002    0404    3C00    008C    5900       ModbusPLC_V2.cxp
  25. cp1l to cp1l modbus easy slave ?

    Are you able to do modbus master slave comms between plc's ? Is there a modbus easy slave function block available? I have a developed a program that talks to several drives via modbus using the easy master function blocks but I want to be able to talk to a slave plc using modbus over the same link if possible. I'm upgrading a system that uses hostlink to a slave plc and digital I/O to interface several VSD's from the master plc. The original system lacks I/O so using modbus to interface the drives reduces the I/O and still maintain a same size plc fitting within the same cabinet. I'm trying to avoid going to a cp1l-m plc and having a modbus and host link network.