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  1. Telemechanique PLC TSX 17

    Thnaks for the reply. Please see attached files of the software i've got and my application backup. Kindly advise to install software on computer with Windows98. TSX17
  2. TSX17 Software

    I m using TSX 17 PLC. I need PL7-2 software, then Ihave downloaded it from internet. But I can not install it on a Win98 computer because it show error251, "user interface installed incorrectly". Can someone share this installation software?? I have PL7-2_1 & PL7-2_2.
  3. Telemechanique PLC TSX 17

    i have got the software pl7-2 installation copy. but i can not install on computer because it shows "error 251" "user interface is not installed correctly". can someone guide me to get the related software.
  4. Telemechanique PLC TSX 17

    Oh good!!! I did not know about DOSBox. I checked on internet, it looks pretty good. I have to ask one thing that, does DOSBox software support 16bit applications on 32 bit OS like Windows XP or Windows 7? Can DOSBox communicate on COM ports same as DOS operating system, normally?
  5. Telemechanique PLC TSX 17

    OMG!!! If it si so, then can some one help about instructions to download program from PC to PLC. I think I have a back up copy of the application program. But, ofcourse, I have to arrange a PC with DOS or WINDOWS95.
  6. Telemechanique PLC TSX 17

    Thanks a lot. I'll check these steps suggested, and revert back.
  7. I am using Telemechanique PLC TSX 712 4102 with XBT A70101 terminal. It has EEPROM memory and PL7-2 software modules. Before a week power failure was there in machine, after restoring power, PLC remain in STOP mode (LED blink). Can any one help me to restoe the PLC back in RUN mode. I tried to remove battery then ON power to PLC, but same. I tried to remove EEPROM then ON power to PLC, but same. Instruction manual says about bit SY00, SY01. How to set these bit so that PLC can be put in RUN mode. Please some one help. Our machine production is stopped since one week.