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  1. I need your feedback if you can: In our power plant there are 16 gens, which run on according to the load demand receiving from field. For the communication there is parallel fiber optics looping from two groups of gens 1 to 8 and 9 to 16. The Data from the field is getting received on Mode bus (ModLon II Gateway ModBus® - LON Converter) between mode bus and PLC (Schneider CPU 43412A) there is Processor Adapter, which helps to make better communication between PLC and Modebus. And PLC shows all the Data on HMI. HMI is windows based (Windows 95). Since last three months all the communication is showing very rubbish behavior. After every 15 days it start creating wrong errors during the load on the system and which make trouble. And due this all the control system become hang, and to make this okay the only solution is to reset everything, and this is very much problematic during the running on full load, what’s my and my team finding. It could be due to: • Communication cable laying with HT cable with 16 to 18 inches distance. • Method of laying cable cause stressing. • Lose Connection issues (wire & Connector) • System battery voltage not stable. • Over Heating ModLon and other devices. • Process adopter N520 loses connection. • Process adopter N520 malfunctioning. • Windows Registry over flow. We are still looking the issue, Can you please add your suggestion.