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  1. HA. Wow that's pretty sad. I've been doing this too long to make a rookie mistake like that. Thanks for the help Sorcerer.
  2. There is no HMI attatched to it at the moment. BROWNWOOD.RSS
  3. So I was out in the field a few days ago and encountered an issue I have never run in to before on a Micrologix 1400 using RSLogix 500. All was going well when I was checking the I/O's until I realized that although I would get an input, the virtual output (B3) would not turn on... I have encountered something similar in Siemens programming where if you accidentally have 2 coils using the same register, they act as an AND instruction. When I was completely stumped I decided to make a completely new program and just put a few inputs and a few coils in, and everything worked fine... Could this be some sort of memory overlapping issue I am having? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Daily logging of flow in WinCC

    Hello, I am working on a Siemens S7-300 PLC with a WinCC HMI and I am looking to perform logging of certain values every 12 or 24 hours. Basically I have a Flow meter that constantly has flow through it. Right now I have the PLC set up to record the current value of the flow, as well as a totalizer to indicate how much flow has gone through the valve. (until an operator chooses to reset it) I need to create some sort of logic or utilize something in WinCC to calculate the flow through the valve only for that day. After that day, the value will be either deleted or replaced with a new value the next day... If anyone has any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  5. Maple HMI Macro HELP!

    I am designing an HMI program that will feature a 3d level. I believe I am on the right track using one picture that contains 26 states (Each state representing a value from the PLC). The problem is I can't figure out how to write the Macro to get this puppy going... Here is what I have so far... I know how to write simple little if then statements but cant figure out how to tie it in with the 26 states of the picture... Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello all, I present to you a fictitious scenario that I have been eager to know the answer to. A technician is out in a remote area with only a laptop with all of the necessary software to connect with the PLC (Telepace / Telepace Studio), but does not have a serial cable or know the IP address of the PLC. All he has is an Ethernet cable. Is there a way to read the MAC address from said ScadaPACK32 and possibly read or write an IP address to it using only an Ethernet cable? Perhaps using a scripting or some type of 3rd party application? Allen-bradley, Siemens, and a few other brands include this feature in their product I was just unsure if Telepace / Telepace Studio could perform such a feat. Thanks for the help,
  7. Automation Direct PLC

    Yes, I have seen the driver available however the CPU I am using is a "Direct Logic 205" model and it looks like the only models Indusoft supports are the DL240/DL250
  8. I am designing an HMI display through Indusoft and was wondering about the communication protocol between an Automation Direct PLC and Indusoft Web Studio. Do Automation Direct PLC's use Modbus protocol? Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated.
  9. PLC Watchdog Relay

    The panel I am programming contains a watchdog relay in it to put the system in backup if for any reason one of the two level transmitters falls below a certain point.
  10. PLC Watchdog Relay

    I have a ScadaPACK32 PLC that is running Telepace studio, and I am trying to incorporate a watchdog relay into it. Could someone show me an example of how to get outputs to turn off using something like this? Thanks
  11. I am designing a 4 pump system and need to add a second wet well level. I am using the Maple system graphic interface for the HMI and need to be able to toggle back and forth between the two level transmitters. The PLC (Siemens S7-300) should have a primary wet well level that it reads from but if for any reason that level transmitter were to be malfunctioning it would automatically switch the the auxiliary wet well level transmitter. Could anyone provide any assistance or advice on how this logic would look? i.e. fail over logic?
  12. PLC Pump sequencing

    I have a 3 pump system that I am converting into a 4 pump. Can someone explain the sequencing to me when it comes to a lead and lag application? *Siemens S7-300
  13. Siemens S7 PLC - Lead and Lag

    Hey guys, I'm having a little difficulty understanding Lead and Lag when it comes to pump applications with the Siemens S7 PLC I am converting a 3 pump system to a 4 pump and I have been dropped right in the middle of it with little to no prior knowledge of Lead and Lag. Any advice or examples would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Siemens s7 300 PLC Questions

    Sorry I should have been more specific. When I bring up my FC200 Block I see for my Pump No.1 hand value (I)0.0 but the output is an M11.0 and when I bring up my symbol library my value for Pump No.1 hand is M11.0 If the pump is in hand I want the HMI to reflect as such. So essentially is the M block only for Internal memory and is predicated on the value assigned to it by the PLC?
  15. Siemens s7 300 PLC Questions

    I am indeed using simatic manager. I think I am just getting confused with the virtual memory aspect of the whole system. I am trying to convert a 3 pump system to a 4 pump system that pairs with an HMI. I understand the basic I/O's from my programming in school with AB software but its the M bits that are throwing me off. When I open up my symbol library I have M11.0 as my Pump No.1 in the hand position, but yet when I bring up my OB1 block that shows my input map I am presented with I0.0 as my hand position for Pump No.1 Is there something I am simply overlooking in the relationship between these two tags? *Using Siemens s7-300 (Simatic) with a Maple system HMI (EasyBuilder5000) Thanks for the all help guys I really appreciate it.