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  1. I am new in programming of PLC.  Dear suggest me ,how can done wiring of ID211, OC201  Omron plc i am confused.and not understand the data sheet.

  2. Dear All, I have a little problem in reading data from Power Meter to Vijeo Citect v6.0 I'm using Schneider PM810MG for Energy reading from Power Meter and for the SCADA I'm using Vijeo Citect v6.0. I can do some simple data reading like current, voltage and the others using variable tags from Vijeo Citect with Data type INT. But i dont know how to read the data for "Real Energy In" since the data range from 0 to 9,999,999,999,999,999. Waiting for all your help soon. Thx. Best Regards, Budiman Chandra
  3. Analog Output Simple Problems

    Hi All, I'm new on PLC about Analog Output and Input problems, but i know how it works. I'm using PLC Omron CJ2-CPU32 with Analog Output Module DA-041 In this program, i got confused why the analog output doesnt work. Its just a simple program for Analog Output to control VFD, but seems like the analog output doesnt give any signal. Would you mind to check "Main Program" section on line 21? First i need to turn on '50.04' to turn on Forward on Inverter Toshiba then i add or reduce the speed on line 22 and 23. The problem is the analog output doesnt give any signal at all. Here i attached the program that i have made so far. I need help from all of you soon. Thx. Best Regards, Budiman Chandra SD4-7.zip
  4. Vijeo Citect v7.2 Simple Communication Problem

    Dear All, Still waiting for your help. Thx.
  5. Dear All, Hello, I'm new to Vijeo Citect from Schneider. Before i'm using Citect v6.0 and i have succeeded in connecting PLC CP1E and Power Meter from Schneider. And now i'm using Vijeo Citect V7.2, but i am unable to connect even Power Meter from Schneider. Seems like the user interface is almost the same, but i just need to configure user, and server at first before configuring boards, ports, I/O Devices, and etc. Would you mind please check the program i've made and tell me my mistake? Thx. Best Regards, Budiman Chandra test27Nov13.zip
  6. Citect v6.0 Problems

    Ow, but i have ever tested and it works on Windows 7 32 bit. I think it doesnt work in 64 bit. Thx in advance BobB
  7. Citect v6.0 Problems

    Hi All, I've got some problems with Citect SCADA v6.0 running in Windows 7 64 bit. When i tried to input the IOServer name, after pressing add, its gone missing. Would anyone help me? For more information, before i have suceeded in using this software in windows XP computer. Thx in advance. Best Regards, Budiman
  8. Analog Input using CP1E+MAD11

    Dear Pfort, I have put attachments on my first post. Would you mind to check my software? I've got that manual and it still doesnt work. Thx.
  9. Analog Input using CP1E+MAD11

    Here is the attachment. I'm still waiting for anyone to help me solve this problem. Thx.
  10. Analog Input using CP1E+MAD11

    Hi All, I need some help in my simple program using analog input signal to PLC Omron. The PLC i used is CP1E-N60DR-A and expansion unit CP1W-MAD11. Would you mind please check the program i've made? Analog Input 0 is using 4-20ma. Thx. analog.cxp