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  1. LOGIX 500 Loading VERRRRRYYYYYYY Slow

    I restored the system to before the latest Windows update of 20. Sep 2013, and then it was back to normal speed again. I will let it be at that. NSV
  2. LOGIX 500 Loading VERRRRRYYYYYYY Slow

    The environmetal variable was the first thing I did - I created CHECKDRIVES and set it to C, but it did not help. Then I found a way into the Windows folder and added the two lines in rocksoft.ini, but still to no avail. The problem was there from one day to the next, shortly or immediately after a Windows update. best regards NSV
  3. LOGIX 500 Loading VERRRRRYYYYYYY Slow

    Being completly new to all this I might come up with a stupid question, but I hope someone can help me anyway. I operate a test facility that uses RSLinx Classic vers. to communicate with a PLC. I ran into the same problem as wower98 that suddenly from one day to the next the start up became awfully slow except that my computer takes 5 minutes and 20 seconds rather than 2 minutes to finish off the 'Checking Activation'. According to the Help file, Known anomalies: "If you have a disconnected network drive mapping and the server machine is not up, RSLinx Classic hangs for up to two minutes during startup as it checks the dead drive for an activation file. To workaround this, either disconnect the drive mapping if you no longer need it, or if your activations are all on the C drive, add CHECKDRIVES=C to the [Common] section of the %WINDIR%\ROCKSOFT.INI file." which is also what the helpful persons above have suggested, so I have added the two lines in the rocksoft.ini and also created the user variable CHECKDRIVES and set it to C, but it hasn't helped me. Can anyone suggest another failure mechanism? best regards NSV Edit: PS. I have Windows 7