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  1. ES: 0180840b

    Device Manager indicated that the cable is connected to COM3. While the project is open on which I was working on, the "Transfer Setup..." in online menu is turned off. I can now only access Transfer Setup by closing the project and going to Online>Read from PLC..., then I select FXCPU and then I get the Transfer Setup menu. But when I confirm that all the settings are Okay and click Ok (or Connection Test), I get the same error.
  2. ES: 0180840b

    I have this cable: There is USB connector at computer end and this cable has USB-to-RS422 Adapter built-in. I tried rebooting computer and also the PLC, but no luck.
  3. ES: 0180840b

    Hi All, I have a problem. And I hope someone can help me solve it. I was monitoring my ladder diagram on GX Developer running on FX3U-32MR controller through USB SC09 cable, when I left the system running and went away for about 5 min. When I came back there was this error on computer screen: Cannot communicate with PLC for one of the following reasons. Communications timout Cable error Specified transmission speed not supported for connected PLC Monitor condition set status is read by device The project PLC and the connected PLC are different. <ES:0180840b> Now whenever I try to communicate with PLC, I get the same error. Settings in transfer setup are Ok and also the COM Port settings. I am pretty sure that the situation with me is "Monitor condition set status is read by device", but I dont know how to resolve this and make computer and PLC to talk to each other again. Please help!