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  1. Omron HostLink + Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I have a student project in hands that consists in using an Omron CPM1 via HostLink in a Raspberry Pi with an interface to read and write locally and from the web. As raspberry pi works with linux, I need an application to read those registers in linux. I found an application called Proview for Raspberry Pi on Debian: In the guide to I/O systems, they specify that it supports Modbus/TCP, Other I/O systems need to be created a c/c++ file. Now I´m really lost because I never programmed in c++ and I don´t know how to connect the plc in linux using hostlink, most programs are created for windows with mscomm. Also, I dont have a gateway to convert serial to ethernet, so, I´m stuck with HostLink Serial RS232C. I would love some code written in c++, java or python to comm with the plc over HostLink Serial to have some base to work with the Proview program. Or maybe you know another way to accomplish what I want to do without proview in the raspberry pi. Please Help and thank you in advance!