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  1. Automation with ADAM 5510KWTCP

    You can go to this site, there are an Online Chat, just ask them.
  2. Hi, I find something interesting Inthis review, it said that China is soon expected to become the largest user of robots. "China is soon expected to become the largest user of robots, as the country modernizes operations to increase global competitiveness. Robot manufacturers at the China International Robot Show in Shanghai have rejected worries that better technology will force lower-paid workers out of jobs." And also, it said, China is now at the stage of industrial transformation, it time to enter next stage. Maybe from low value-add labour to higher value, tech-level or something But I hadn't found news that talk about robots manufacturing in China Can anyone provide me some information? Will the demand of motion controllers also increase? Can these products benefit from it? thanks a lot!
  3. Hello, sorry for asking many question here here I have a good blog which give me many idea It's about factory automation, hope you like it!
  4. Hello, Could I ask a question about DAQ? I need help about using the new DAQ Navi drivers of advantech with an USB 4716 and LabVIEW. With the DAQ Navi express VI in LabVIEW I have three aquisition modes: Instant AI, Buffered AI and Streaming AI. When using Instand AI I get aquisition rates about 250Hz. this should be much more i suggest... When using Buffered AI in an while loop what should be the best way for getting buffered continuous aquisition of data the aquisition stops after a few measurements and is not available anymore, after a time my PC crashes (Win 7 64bit) with an bluescreen. When using Streaming AI I have a time delay between each measurement that is not equal for each measurement. I need help about using the DaqNavi drivers under LabVIEW for using the driver with an buffered aquisition that works properly. below are some related site thanks a lots! If I am not allowed to ask here please tell me and I will delete this topic sorry if bother anyone...
  5. Hello, I would like to setup ADAM-5000/TCP racks so when Modbus communication is lost to a 5069 digital output module then the module would release all outputs after a certain period of time. The feature is available in the Adam 5000/TCP utility, but doesn't seem to work. Could any provide me with some idea? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello, Here's something interesting, I think anyone might also interesting in this topic! It's about data acquisition! Data Acquisition (DAQ) technology provides the link between data-generating sensors and data-storing recording devices. DAQ can also provide the means for driving external actuators from a computer, via the generation of external signaling. And, now DAQ includes hardware and software two domain. Through modern microprocessor technology, low-cost personal computers are now the most important (and most common) carrier for data acquisition cards. High clock speeds of modern central processing units (CPUs), such as Pentium and PowerPC, allow higher sampling rates. This, along with high-performance bus architectures such as PCI, inexpensive RAM, and fast high-capacity hard disks make long-term continuous measurements possible. Another important development is portable data acquisition, based on laptop computers with PCMCIA cards. This configuration allows more convenient in-the-field measurements that used to be cumbersome for practicing engineers. Newer broadband Internet and broadband=medium cellular phones outperform traditional modem=medium hookups using RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication ports. These emerging communication technologies will allow faster, better and cheaper remote monitoring=medium and access measurements. In summary, today's level of data acquisition technology, although still not perfect, is far more effective and efficient than a decade=medium ago. Sources & See more detail : If you like it and want to do DAQ with a smarter device, you can visit this site :justice: There are a free webinar talking about this DAQ topic It's worth to watch!!!