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  1. hey guys I am using for first time modbus RTU in contrologix . when I added the generic module in my I/O tree I found I have to add add-on- instruction(from prosoft technology website). to allow the processor to communicate to the module. so question came to my mind sometime we add generic module in I/O tree if you do not have the module as add-on-profile, but we do not add any logic as add-on-instruction/. when we need add-on-instruction. some people said because modbus is not Allen Bradly product for that you need add-on-instruction. however when you and generic module to the I/O tree so processor does not know if it is Allen Bradly product or not . so could you please clarify if you have some idea thanks in advance
  2. Modbus slave

    how doea the slave knows that data to be read in place in 40001
  3. Modbus slave

    why guys. I am trying my first project using modbus MCM. the module is my slot is slave. I know where to go to choise length of readdata AND Writedata. but how could I configure the slave to read holding register from(40000....40010) and to write to holding register from(40101....40110). I know to make this configuration with master but I could not make with slave. my master is writing to 40000 ...40010 which I want slave to read it(how I configure the slave) thanks in advance
  4. devicenet ,controlnet and ethernet/IP

    thanks guys is bit clear now in my mind still not 100 percent how about generic message or CIP message how controllogix can talk to Ethernet module modbus module controlnet module devicenet module using the same protocol (CIP)through backplane even tough they are different devices
  5. devicenet ,controlnet and ethernet/IP

    but I watched youtuve video of RTS automation and they said all of them use CIP protocol and TCP could you clarify please
  6. I have question as Devicenet , ethernet/ip and controlnet use all the same protol to communication why we can not get data by connection decivenet I/O to ethernet module that is connected in the chassis(we suppose that devicenet I/O has ethernet port) thanks in advance
  7. could some body explain to me how to add add on profile profilbus on rsligix5000 and how to configure it
  8. could you tell me the difference between generic module and and on profile