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  1. Moving iFix 3.5 App to a different machine

    I was able to overcome some of the difficulties I mention above, but I still can't get rid of the errors. I was able to get into Development mode by a new SCU set of files in the same application (basically pointing to a new application in the same LOCAL directory, then once I got into the Development Workspace, I unchecked the Start in Runtime and disabled security. Once I did this, I restored the original SCU files and now I am able to get into Workspace and do what I need to do. I still need to figure out the errors I am getting. I hate working with this old stuff.
  2. Hello everyone, I need to move an iFix 3.5 application to a new machine (VMWAre W2K session). The application is set up to communicated via ABRSTSR driver to 3 SLC/505 series PLCs (my VMWare session is not connected to any PLC) and starts in run mode. When iFix starts up, I get a CoCreatedInstance() Failed error messages that I can't shut off and following this, I get probably a dozen Workspace errors saying "Error occurred in d:\ifix3x\dynamic library\scripting\project.cpp at line ..." By the time I finally get to Login as an administrator, the Workspace Runtime locks up due to communications transaction errors. I get another error window asking if I want to Skip or Skip All. Neither option works. The application basically locks up right as I get into Development mode and I can't do anything. In other words, I can't shut off the runtime because I can't get into development mode. I tried a number of things, including removing tasks from the task configuration SCU. I can't find any information about this online and no information on iFix 3.5 either. This application is from 2002. Any help is welcome. I was trying to force the Workspace into Configuration (Development mode) before starting up, but haven't found a way to do this either. Thanks, Rick