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  1. Got it! It's what I need! Thanks a lot guys!
  2. It's not in a database, this application is running on PV+ terminal
  3. The article says as below: "Note:  To read FactoryTalk View ME files from PanelView Plus CE or PanelView Plus terminals, copy the files to a CompactFlash card or SD card and move them to the desktop where the FactoryTalk View File Viewer Utility resides. These log files are in a non-standard format." But I didn't find how copy those files...
  4. LOL hahahahaha True! Ok, thank you very much, I'll gonna try!
  5. Dear masters! Hello! I have a PanelView Plus 1250, firmware 6.1, and I would like to know if it is possible to export to csv or .txt and save the alarm history to an external USB memory from the terminal? Today I'm typing the whole alarm history manually...
  6. Thanks! The actual condition indicates that there's no program because the Run light is off and the MEM light is ON. You're right! I tried download an program and when I turned it off and turned it On, it lost the program, meaning I need replace the battery. Just to confirm, there's no way to transfer the plc program from Monitor right?
  7. I don't have great expertise in CICODE, but I don't know if it's the case but try to set secondary as slave as well.
  8. Hi! What do you mean by two server, two supervisior system? What PLC CPU are you using? If you set the primary server as Master and PLC as Slave, how did you set up the secondary server? may have an conflit..
  9. Dear all, We have a machine imported from Finland with a very very unusual system here in Brazil that is the MAPWAY network system. The automation process works with: - IBM microcomputer equiped with PC-AT (ISA), installed the Monitor 77 Supervisor System also connected with the PC-MAPWAY Board TSX MAP CPC742 version 3.0 wired by 75ohm coaxial cable connected on MAPWAY connection block TSX MAPACC1 and MAPWAY module TSXMAP1074 version 2.0 installed in the rack with PLC model TSX P87420 version 4.3 There's no memory card on the PLC or program downloaded. Thus, the PLC program come from the PC Monitor 77. The problem is there's no comunication bettween PLC and PC. Follow the error messsage on the 77 monitor supervisor system: Column "TEDBASE" = Negative response from PLC 4:0 nad 1:2:0:0:0 RD45:4 Column "SPOOL" = Hard error on device LPT1 There's not much information on internet and schneider web site. We already replaced all the hardwares like PLC CPU, MAP WAY modulos from PLC, terminal block, and the PC board. The lights RX and TX is flashing on the plc module and PC board. There's an configuration in the PLC CPU that I should confirm/set (it may be lost)? If you could help us with an information, an thought direction will be great!  
  10. siemens HMI KTP 400 Basic

    Search the programming manual of HMI it teaches step by step
  11. codebar reader

    What kind of communication are you using, serial RS232, Ethernet? Also what's the barcode type?
  12. I don't know if it is possible, but what if you install a virtual machine and then install 32 bits?  
  13. Sorry for the question, but, did you created a Ethernet comunication in the RSlinx?
  14. need some help with ML1000

    Did you checked the wiring connections meassuring the voltage of the feed and signal? What about the sensor type Sink and Source.
  15. Send String via MSG command?

    Reading manuals, I think it should work if I setup the ML1400 channel 1 as ModBus TCP. But, my controler is A serie and just B serie support modbus.