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  1. Studio 5000 Revision Upgrade

    Good afternoon Cody, I have the same issue here as version 24 was the version of Studio 5000 shipping when I ordered it, and since I don't have a support contract I'm not entitled to newer revs. However, if you do have a support contract then you should be able to download all the newest revs. If you're not sure, just call your local distributor and they can look up your support contract status. Hope this helps, Shawn Tierney, The Automation Blog
  2. Versa View indutrial runtime application help

    Good morning Ramons, Yes, you do need FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Station Runtime software (or PanelView Plus hardware) to run a .MER file. If the old system had a license you should be able to get Rockwell to reset it for free so you can add it to the new PC. Activation Support via phone and chat is also free. The only problem might be if the customer doesn't have his original installation CD's and also doesn't have a support contract, but your local office might be able to help if that's the case. Hope this helps! PS - I've never tried to install and run ViewME on embedded Windows (have always used WinXP or Win7) so if you get it working I'd love to know!
  3. REView ME demo

    Another option is to call you local distributor (listed on and ask for a 30 day temporary activation. This is totally free and they will email you a link to download the software and the activation file. They should be more than happy to do it, but if not drop me a message. I would also highly recommend you watch all the free RSLogix 5000 videos and ViewStudio / ViewME videos on (imho the trickiest thing with ViewME for new users is creating a shortcut in RSLinx Enterprise) Hope this helps!
  4. ControlLogix Redundancy with Ethernet/IP

    Today, many still separate I/O and SCADA networks. However, with a good managed switch it's not necessary, as many using the new 5370 CompactLogix controllers know (they are limited to a single Ethernet port.) I do highly recommend A-B's free Ethernet Capacity Tool to help you determine your network load, as well as these two Redundancy docs which list actual requirements and are very helpful: Hope this helps!
  5. RSLOGIX500 Help

    I like FilterWolf's idea - you'll find the free running clock in the status file - just choose one of it's bits that toggles at a rate you like and use it. Also, it might help if we had more information. For instance, if you have 6 cylinders to move six blocks in sequence, as Chantecler pointed out, you would typically use cylinder #1's "completely extended" switch or sensor to trigger cylinder #2 to extend, and when cylinder #2 is fully extended then it would trigger cylinder #3 etc. So they would "cascade" from one to the next. PS - You're correct in that a counter needs a false to true rung transition to count up. However, you can use the ADD instruction to count up "once per scan" (ADD 1 N7:0 N7:0) just be sure to zero it out before it exceeds 32767 or you'll get a math overflow fault (GEQ 7:0 32000 MOV 0 N7:0) Hope this helps!
  6. Emulate 5000 only allowing v20 and v21

    I hear you. I been running everything on VM's for a few years now. The ability to take a snapshot before installing new software is vital especially if the new software breaks something you can just roll back. And every time I get a new laptop I just copy my VM's over to the new system (overnight) avoiding hours of installation time. Plus, it allows running multiple versions of products and I have an XP vm's for ViewME 4,5,6, and 7. Good luck!
  7. FTview SE Client - full screen mode

    Przemek, On the graphic display's display settings there is an option to turn off the windows' title bar / menu. Same option is found in the ViewSE Client wizard. Turning both of these off should result in both Window (title) bars disappearing. Hope this helps,
  8. 1747-SN Configuration

    Hi vitalbullet, Hope you go tit working but if not here's some thoughts: #1 Insure RIO Terminal 1 on the SN is going to RIO Terminal 1 on the ASB. Typically, RIO Terminal is connected to the BLUE wire, but as long as 1 goes to 1, 2 goes to 2, and shield goes to shield it should work. (note - some RIO device TBs wire backwards , but the label is always correct so just wire 1 to 1, etc) #2 Since you have 3 IO modules, in single slot addressing mode (by far the most common and possibly the only option with FlexIO?) you would need to set this up as 1/2 rack (1 or 2 modules would be 1/4 rack, 3 to 4 modules would be 1/2 rack.) Hope this helps,
  9. Emulate 5000 only allowing v20 and v21

    I ran into this too. On my Win7 64bit when I install Emulate V20 I only get v20, when I install v21 I only get v20 & v21. However, when I installed Emulate v20 on Windows XP 32bit I got v12-20 (in any slot other than 0)
  10. FTView - run client without "client wizard"

    Hey Gedeon, Are you asking how to create different shortcuts to run different client ".cli" files? ViewStudio includes a sample shortcut to the "Samples Water" demo, which can be copied and edited to launch your own ".cli" files. Pretty much the shortcut is the path to the ViewSE client program followed by the path to the client ".cli" file itself.
  11. How to use status inputs in diagnostic I/O modules

    Hey HatRabbit, When you add your diagnostic module to RSLogix5000, you get extra tags which represent the diagnostic features of the module. These features may include short circuit detection as well as no-load detection. These features a built into the module and no additional hard or devices (like CT's) are needed For specifics on particular modules, you can get the manual for the module in question from Hope this helps!
  12. upgeade

    I've been able to avoid Studio 5000 v21 and Networks v21 as there just isn't a compelling reason to upgrade... at least imho. I also use VM's (at home and work.) When I'm in 'support mode' at work it's helpful to have the ability to run different versions of ViewStudio. And the VMWare snapshot feature is a must have - if an install of new software goes bad I'm only seconds away from being back up and running
  13. Enum's?

    I've used RSView(32) since beta and have to say "ENUM" doesn't ring a bell, however what you are describing sounds just like "parameters" which work mostly the same in RSView32 and FTView. - If you're using RSView32 still, I recommend checking out Parameters, Parameter Files, $, and Placeholders in the help file and online manuals. - If you're using FTView, I recommend checking out all of the above, along with Embedded variables, Literals, Global Objects and Global Object Parameters in the help file and online manuals. These are great tools which allow for a graphic display screen, popup, or object to be created once but used with many different tags by either supplying new tags, or substituting part of a tag name (as Ken mentioned above) Good luck!
  14. FactoryTalk Studio Edition

    When I convert other products to FTView I usually take screen shots of all the other product's screens and then paste them into ViewStudio Enterprise edition graphic displays and set them to "Wallpaper." Then I just draw over them with ViewStudio objects. That said, ViewStudio will import objects with transparencies, but it sounds like getting graphics out of CiTect with transparencies intact is more what you're running into.
  15. TEST RS view Studio ME application at DH 485 driver

    Are you sure your UIC is com 1? I was using a UIC yesterday and it was coming up as everything except com 1 (depending on the USB pot and PC it was plugged into.) So if that's not it, you may want to check this public tech note out which states the UIC is not supported in RSLinxE (RSLinx Enterprise): If you can't get if to work in RSLinxE, you can do the following: 1) Make note of your shortcut name in RSLinx E 2) Remove RSLinxE from your project 3) Add RSLinx Classic to your project (as OPC server) 4) In RSLinx Classic, create an OPC Topic that points to your PLC via UIC, and give it the same name as your RSLinxE shortcut name 5) When your done testing, and want to download to your PVPlus, remove RSLinx Classic, add RSLinxE back in, and recreate your shortcut that same as it was before. Note: I want to add that "confusing things happen" if you have both RSLinxE and RSLinxClassic in the same project at the same time when they both have the same shortcut/topic names! I suggest avoiding this as it can cause many headaches! Hope this helps