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  1. Finally, I changed the way of the execution of the pmcr. In the beginning the execution was done by ASL from the logic port. Also the slave address was shifted from the logic port. In this way I observed that it was like too fast and it could not store the data due to higher peripheral time. Then I changed the ASL execution from the logic port with a constant 0.2sec flag and it worked fine! Now all the communications are very very good and fast!  The other thing is that the pc online is faster than before and the online editing is very fast too. For the history the avg cycle time is increased 3 to 5 ms.  b.k.n. Thank you very much!!! I think my issue has been solved. Thank you guys. 
  2. I am going to try with the retries too.  I tried also in a mid range but without success. Above 10 the host link dies. I will play with the cx protocol now
  3. Hi there! I have good and bad news. The good news is that when I set the peripheral service time in 100 and the communication between cj2m, na and nb was almost flawless! Very satisfied! Thank you about this tip!!! But then I realized that the host link network with the cp1l from the scu31-v1 (pmcr) is dead!!! I cannot receive any data.  FYI I have 3 scu31-v1 and 63 cp1l with cif11 devided by 6 networks.  If the peripheral time is default or max 10x0.1ms the host link is OK but the NA are lagging too much!  I am reading the manuals now to see if i can figure out what else I can do. Any other idea? For a start I will increase the send and receive wait times in cx protocol. Now they are 0.3sec.
  4. It looks it works!! I will revert later with the results!  Dear Crossbow, I am already on board and I don't think I can manage to work with this solution. Thanks anyway. I will keep that in my mind for another project.
  5. Yes, I found the way and I did the conversion successfully. Unfortunately, the NA was lagging more than before but this time without the NB on the network. Only with one NA. Now I have downloaded my last working program and after fixing almost all the tags in array, the performance of both NA is excellent but without the NBs on the network. And even the lightest program to load at the NBs the result is the same. I don't know what else to do. Could it be a hardware issue? But at the same time the NBs are responding very well! Of course the project there is very light. But what will happen when I connect all the 13 NBs?
  6. That sounds good.  The truth is that I've never use before the CIP and my question is if I change it do I need to rename the variables or something? Anyway I will try to figure it out. Thanks again. 
  7. From the CJ2 there is an ethernet industrial nonmanaged switch for the 2 NA and then after 30-40 meters there is another switch for the first 6 NBs and then another switch for the rest 7 NBs. Star network from every switch is implemented. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm working on a project which contains one CJ2M-CPU35, two 15" NA and thirteen 5" NB HMI's. I will try to be simple and comprehensive. The PLC has 320 dig in, 112 dig out, 104 analog in (total analog points are 250) and 4 SCU for 6 networks with othern CP1L and two dot matrix printers. The user alarms on NA contains around 1500 alarm with events and subroutines to run in every alarm for the printout via PMCR. When I run both NA alone or with a couple of NBs, the performance is good. Not perfect, but good. At the mean time I select for all the variables 100msec update rate. Before I had some tags with 500msec, some tags 1sec, others 5 sec, etc. but the performance was really bad. Now, as I said is good. I changed most of the variables in array set up but I didn't observe any difference. Now I am working to make all the variables in array. From NA I use FINS/UDP to talk with the CJ2. The issue I am currently facing is that when I switch on the half of the NB's, the NA - which is the most important for the operators - starts to lag, i.e. it takes several seconds since I press Ack and print until you are able to use the touch again. It freezes for these seconds.  The NBs are used only as repeaters for the alarm list (around 1000 alarms here), some group alarms and a few indications. I am using timers for data transmission but I didn't see any improvement. I think the project is heavy for some reason. It takes a few minutes to start up, until it loads all the user alarms, data log, pages (more than 60), etc. I think I understand that. Another thing is if the system is running and I stop and run the plc, then the NA it takes........I think never starts again. After 7 minutes I just restarted it and every time I download a program I restart it immediately.  My question (actually I have a lot of questions) is if this behaviour is normal for this equipment. How can I improve the performance? Thank you very much everybody! Joseph
  9. I had tried the same panel from both comuters but anyway the problem has been solved but I have no idea what caused that! I just uninstall and reinstall network's card drivers! Rediculous? May be! These are devil's stuff! Thank you all for your time.
  10. Hi everybody! I'm new at your forum. Actually I did not want to register here 'cause I thought that I could solve all my problems by myself. Unfortunately, I have a very important issue regarding downloading to a Beijer T150 and T100 from Information designer (v1.52 biult 344) over ethernet from my PC with a crossover cable (or even with a straight one). HMI firmware is the latest: v1.53 B226. Actually the download sticks during the project transfer while the status is: "Deleting unused drivers". At the same time, the I-Designer retries, totally 12 times and then: "Transmission error". I tried to uninstall and install again I-designer but nothing. I download from another PC and it works just fine. The port is OK. The IP address of my PC is the proper one (or else I wouldn't have any network). I'm pretty sure that something is wrong with my PC but the weird thing is that I work with that PC almost one year now and I have done a lot of projects with these HMI. That problem appeared suddenly! Firewall is off. Anti-virus is also off. Is anybody ever faced similar problem again? Any proposal is acceptable. Thanks in advance! Iosif Automation Engineer Bsc