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  1. Hello, am using TIA portal software V 12 , i want to convert the time to see in HMI. S_pulse has output Q, BI and BCD. what should i do... please help me considering as NEWBIE.. i ll be thankful to you.. also tell me use of BI and BCD....
  2. retentivity after counters

    why retentivity of timer does not maintain after using counter in s7 200 cpu 222 cn?? i use 1 counter , when it completed and timer reaches to its value.but when i power off main supply. timers become zero(retentive timer),even i didnt reset the timers. is there any retentive timer in s7 200????? tell me what should i do??? please reply me fast..... THANKS in advence to all experts..
  3. XMTD 2001 temperature controller

    Hello experts.. i purchased XMTD 2001 temperature controller .but i dont know about its pins that where to connect the AC suppy ,thermocouple and from which pin it will give output signal for PLC. if anyone have its datasheet kindly share it to me.if some one worked with it kindly help me.. Thanks... ect_09...........
  4. motor interfacing

    Hello Experts.. i want to ask that how to interface DC motor that is rated as 24V and 1.5A .. i made H-Bridge for that to protect PLC from demaging output bit.... but tell me that how to interface motor..h-bridge has two pins.. i put one wire in Q0.0 and other in Q0.1 ..making 1 and 0 , 0 and 1.. but motor doesnot work..tell me the possible soluton.. Thanks....
  5. PLC learning

    is it simulator?? that will work without PLC...??? am gona downloading....
  6. PLC learning

    please give me link for any simulator that is free. i listen that logo simulator is best simulator for learning..... please provide me link for any simulator that is very useful..
  7. need softwre for s7 200 222 cn

    STEP 7 MicroWin v4 will support this..????? i tested this ,it just stop and run through software but does not download program in PLC.. what i do.???
  8. PLC learning

    Hello Experts............!! i have a question that many student want to learn PLC and too much interested to work with PLC.. but they are poor and cant afford to purchase PLC .. is there anyway that they learn ladder logic because every software require PLC controller to program and to see simulation.. please give me solution to help them .. Thanks......
  9. need softwre for s7 200 222 cn

    Hello experts.....!!! i purchased siemens S7 200 ,222 Cn to get experience. problem is that i have no software of it. kindly provide me link for software to download. Thanks...
  10. how to work without retentive timers

    hello experts.....!!! its done.i used M1013 that is 1sec clock(0.5sec off and 0.5sec on) ,i give this pulse to retentive counter that is counting pulse .e.g i set the value of counter is 5 then its means 5sec delay. because pulse just add value in timer after 1 sec... its working. am very happy...... you save me from insult by my supervisor.. Thanks.....
  11. how to work without retentive timers

    but available source is this only..without this i ll lost chance for this project..kindly help me. please.....!!
  12. how to work without retentive timers

    it doesnot contain clock pulse bit.....
  13. Hello Experts, i am new to this forum and the basic purpose of joining this forum is to discuss problem here and through discussion solve the problems with the help of experts ideas and new members too, i am electronics engineer and i have a project that is copper electroplating of PCB plates.and unfortunately i have to work with Delta PLC 14ss as recommanded by our supervisior so that is. problem is that its does not contain RETENTIVE timer.its just contain RETENTIVE counter i.e 113~127. but i need retentive timer because without this i think i am unable for this project. please give solution for retentive timer or alternate of this. 14ss also does not contain set and reset. waiting for good responce...!!! cheers... Mehtab...