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  1. omron stuck on connecting....

    hi guys i recently posted a theard here about error 10. i fixed my self and thanx to the guys it was very hard to me becose im not automation guys im just hardware guy so here how i did it simple got CF to ide converter put it on a computer booted windows 98 boots disk from a usb using hp utility to creat boot disk the format the cf card and updated that stuff but the problem now humm when i flashed the ns5 all goes good hum the project still there but the problem is that it stucks on connecting.... when i installed cx-one on ma computer and transfered the project to my computer i found out that the project was coded for 6.2 and i flashed with 8.4 so i tried to convert the project to 8.4 it goes good but it still stuck on connecting im not an idiot i tried to found out what is the problem i opned the project with cx-designer tried to make off-line simulation it goes good the project working very well when i saw configuration i saw there is a communication in port com 1 hummm now i want just to make that terminal normal exemple delete the project from the ns5 make it empty please help me with some ideas and one more thing if someone can please give me an old system version 6.22 so i can flash back to this version please !!!!!!
  2. hi how are you all i have a serious problem here i got ns5 omron v2 with touch panel problem the program is good and system is good then we purchased a new one i pulled out the memory card from the old one put it on the new ones all right program is running normaly nothing wrong then i tryed to copy the old memory card incase if something goes wrong when i wanted to read it on the computer its stared acting not normal files are corrupted all the program are corrupted so i recovered the files now when i put it on the ns5 it says ERROR No. 10: File System Error: Please recover the system program. ok i did some research i tried to make recovery by copying the files that comes with cx-designer but nothing works it doesnt work it doesnt update dont do nothing same error ERROR No. 10: File System Error: Please recover the system program. so i got the manual in how to update or do recovery they said something i didnt uderstand """"5. About Memory Cards 5.1 How to Format a Memory Card To use this program to update or recover your NS, do not format a memory card on a computer that Windows2000 SP2 or later, Windows XP , or Windows Vista is installed. Programs cannot be read and execution cannot be completed normally. This symptom is caused by changing specification of operation system on the computer to support large capacity hard disk.""" from that we understand that we dont have to formate it on a newer os like xp 2000 nt or 7 or windows 8 ok but where the hell we gonna formate it !!!! win98 !!!!?????? and when i want to recover using usb cable nothing no detection it does even pop up on new materiel detected by windows xp so please help me if you have any idea !!!!!! i will be fired if i dont fix that problem by the way i dont do automated stuff im just hardware technicien !!!!!! so please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!