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  1. Read-out error D-Word for A1 PLC

    Hey Theo, Did you check D9008 - "Self Diagnosis Error"? It stores the error data until you either reset it in the program or turn the key on the PLC to Reset position. -Vasa
  2. Hey atiqur, Maybe you just need to setup IP address and subnet mask in teh HMI properly (either done in HMI software or in the offline menu, never worked with Weinview). Default IP address for Q-series is, so if you set your HMI to something like and subnet mask to they should communicate. -Stan
  3. Problem: MR-J3-B-positioning control by QD75MH1

    Ok the other version of the function would be: MOV K1 to some register (D0 for example) So, MOV K1 D0 TO H# K35 D0 K1 # being the position of the motion module on the rack. You can use Pulse version of the functions, MOVP, TOP. If it doesn't work, please get back to us.
  4. Problem: MR-J3-B-positioning control by QD75MH1

    Hey Sabbir, I looked at the manual for the QD75MH1, it looks like forced stop is parameter 82 and it says you need to write 1 to buffer memory location 35. So try this function: MOV K1 U#\G35 Replace the # with the number of the slot on the rack that your motion module is occupying. If this doesn't work, you might need to use the older version of the command - I forgot the format though, I'll look it up and get back to you.
  5. Gx developer

    Make sure you've selected the correct PLC type, some PLC models don't have USB, so it does not show up.
  6. wire markers

    Hey Bill, I've also worked for a Japanese company and I know exactly what you are talking about. It is actually the PVC tubing that you can buy in a roll from Brady for example: The printer I've seen being used to print on these was a Brady91, apparently sold only in the Asian market - My company didn't have the printer, but had a hot-stamp marker. I think it was a Japanese made one, but I believe Brady might still make some as well. - Vasa
  7. QJ71C24N-R2 BASIC

    Hey rimbi, I had a similar project a while ago, I was trying to communicate PLC with a PC via serial and the guys here helped me out a lot. You can take a look at the thread below, it might give you some ideas. - VaSA
  8. need help for Mitsubishi FX3U

    You are probably trying to input an invalid input/output number. FX PLC inputs/outputs are numbered in Octal... so you only have X0 - X7. X10 - X17. If you try to enter X08, X09, X18, X19 - it's going to give you an error.
  9. hardware/software prob GX Dev

    What Steven suggested will probably work, but the "something obvious" that you're missing is this: --||--------|/|-------|/|----- X1 X2 X3 --||--------||-------|/|----- X1 X2 X3 --||--------||-------||----- X1 X2 X3
  10. FX3U cannot communication with Gx developer

    Are you saying that you've downloaded the program from Q02HCPU PLC and want to upload it to FX3U PLC? You cannot do that, the program needs to be converted for that specific PLC type.
  11. Mitsubishi Q-Series to PC Interface

    Hey kaare_t, We got the first printer running, so everything should be OK from now on, just gotta do two more. So anyway, just wanted to thank you, since I wouldn't have done this without your help. Also want to thank everybody else who gave me advice. Thanks! - VaSA
  12. Mitsubishi Q-Series to PC Interface

    Hey kaare_t, Thanks for the reply, I know why its outputting the NUL, but I cannot figure out how avoid that. I want to keep my output as a string, but you mention a small sequence program that inserts the control data. Could you please give a bit more details on how to achieve that? Thanks. - VaSA
  13. Mitsubishi Q-Series to PC Interface

    Hey guys, One more question - if I want to add Header (STX) before my string output and Terminator (ETX) after my string output, how do I do it? I tried simply doing a MOV H02 to the beginning of my outut, but it outputs <STX>NULL, and same thing at the end, it outputs <ETX> NULL. How do I avoid outputting those NULLs? Is there a way to make PLC (Q-series) output STX and ETX automatically? Thanks. - VaSA
  14. Mitsubishi Q-Series to PC Interface

    Yeah, I've already done that... seems to be transmitting what I want. So far so good... :)
  15. Mitsubishi Q-Series to PC Interface

    Here's a snapshot of what Analyzer is showing: